Colombian woman whose hands were amputated due to bacteria learns to feed herself

Colombian Luz Marina Contreras had his hands and feet amputated due to a bacterial infection that causes necrosis, She remains in a hospital in Lisbon (Portugal).

Despite the difficult living conditions, the 63-year-old from Santander is determined to recover. A video posted by Luzma’s daughter Lina Carrascal, affectionately known by family and friends: He documented one of the moments when his mom learned to feed herself.

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In mid-June, Luz Marina went to Portugal for vacation, also to fulfill her dream of visiting the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima. However, the dream of this woman from Barrancabermeja ended in a nightmare. There, he started having health problems, and the diagnosis was devastating: He had developed toxic shock syndrome from the bacteria. Streptococcus pyogenes They had to amputate his legs and hands.

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This bacterium is very common and can cause serious illness. In the skin, it produces impetigo, cellulite, and at deeper levels, necrotizing fasciitis, which releases tissue-destroying toxins. In the case of Luz Marina, it is unclear whether she contracted the bacteria in Europe, or if she had been infected before traveling from Villavicencio (Meta), where she lives with her family. the bacteria.

It was obvious that Luz Marina had to be taken to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) because she was suffering from multiple organ failure. Subsequently, necrosis developed in his extremities, which could not be stopped with therapy and other treatments. The only option left was amputation.

The leg amputation took place in mid-August at Santa Maria Hospital in Lisbon, Portugal. A few days later, she had to undergo another operation and both hands were amputated. Since then, Luz Marina has suffered from pain and fever.

“I would like to thank those who care about my health, I am recovering from a leg amputation at Santa Maria Hospital. Tomorrow it will be hands, there is no way to save something and they will have to completely amputate. So I want to ask them to pray. Thank you all for your financial support so that my family can be by my side. said Luz Marina after having both legs amputated.

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Although the woman’s life was saved, she now needs help with medical bills and prosthetics to replace her severed legs and hands below the knee.

To gather resources, friends, former classmates and former neighbors of Barrancawemejaluz Marina, with the support of her family, launched a campaign to acquire resources and prosthetics.

Through social networks, the woman’s friends try to attract the attention of athletes and artists who can help them. They have already written to the foundation of the famous former beauty queen Daniela Álvarez, who also lost a leg.

“As a dance, we must and must move mountains,” said Vilma Hernandez Gamarra, one of Luz Marina’s former classmates and friends.

they went to visit their daughter

The Santander native traveled to Portugal on holiday with her husband Fernando Carrascal and son Fernando and to visit their daughter Lena, who has been living in Madrid (Spain) for two years.

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Relatives of Luz Marina call for solidarity among Colombians as they bought medical insurance for the trip from the company He paid only part of the woman’s care at the private clinic, but they still owe some of the 200 million pesos added to the account.

Donations can be deposited into the Bancolombia Savings Account 05705378942 in the name of Fernando Carrascal, CC 79141241.

Luz Marina, who has spent more than two months in Portugal, hopes most of all to be released from the hospital and return to Colombia to continue her recovery.

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