Complicated period for Avril Lavigne

After a long stop, Avril Lavigne she’s back in the spotlight and it seems that, for her, this is a fairly hectic period both from a sentimental and professional point of view.

In February of this year, in fact, she broke up with Mod Sun with whom she was officially engaged in March 2022.
He had made the proposal while both were in Paris and Lavigne had said yes.
However, the couple has recently passed some difficult months and, for this reason, the singer has taken a step back.
However, it seems that he has already embarked on another romantic relationship with Tygarapper and ex-boyfriend of Kylie Jenner.
The two were seen at Fashion Week and at dinner together in Los Angeles intent on amorous attitudes but they both denied any connection of this type.

Speaking strictly of his work, however, yesterday Avril Lavigne was on stage Juno Awardsi Grammys Canadians, and found herself having to “confront” an environmentalist.
In fact, a girl took the stage and undressed, showing various slogans in favor of the environment on her body.
The Canadian singer initially did not notice the thing and, only when the public pointed it out to her, did she turn and face the girl telling her to leave, even in a vulgar way, before calling an agent of the security that, in a short time, took her off the stage.

Published: March 16, 2023 at 2:14pm

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