Copper red hair, the coolest of celebrities

THE copper red hair they are seductive and bewitching. From the brightest to the dullest, copper is definitely the color of the year in terms of hairstyle. We have seen it in all sauces, from full and lively color to balayage, the lightening technique that creates a play of light and shadow around the face. If then also stars and celebrities give in to this intense and rich hair color, who are we to disagree? The strong point of this shade is that adapts to all skin types and complexionsas long as we focus on right nuance. We take inspiration from the best celebrity hair looks to find the copper red hair shade that best suits us.

Isla Fisher’s copper-red hair with highlights

copper red

Fraser HarrisonGetty Images

Isla Fisher it is also very recognizable thanks to its copper red hair. In the last period he has opted for a copper with light shades that light up her face, illuminate her eyes and give her a touch natural and sunkissed really irresistible. Perfect color for wavy and messy hair.

Julianne Moore’s soft copper

Julianne Moore it’s all about one more nuance delicate and soft. The actress chooses a branch that tends towards light brown, with a little artificial effect. Perfect with hers icy skinthis color is an ideal union between the cold of brown and the very warm of copper.

Deep copper red hair like Marcia Cross

copper red

Rachel LunaGetty Images

Marcia Cross, Bree Van De Kamp of Desperate Housewives, is another “historical redhead”. Over time she has worn auburn hair of all shades and intensities. This, with reflexes seductive tending almost to chocolate and others much clearer that resemble the copper blondit really makes her clear eyes pop.

Amy Adams copper red

Lately Amy Adams choose a decidedly smoother copper red ed elegant. The base is duller, while the color comes to life on the lengths and ends: here we can see copper-red hair bright and lively, but never too much. Some light ones lightening positioned in strategic points they act as hair contour for the face.

Jessica Chastain’s bright copper red

copper red

Jose Perez/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

Let’s definitely change register with copper red hair by Jessica Chastainwhich turn on one bright and full-bodied shade. Lengths and ends light up with a copper loaded with pigment and tending towards orange. Here and there we notice a few copper blonde reflection which makes everything more harmonious and natural.

Red/Auburn like Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard play with the nuances of red he was born in copper blond to obtain a soft and delicate colour. Not just one shade, but the mix of different shades: her hair color is variegated and shaded to perfection. Perfect color for very light women who are approaching copper red for the first time.

Christina Hendricks’ warm copper red

Christina Hendricks she looks radiant with her auburn hair. The diaphanous complexion and the clear blue of her eyes are highlighted by a hair hot and intense, again full of light and nuances. Although I have chosen a nuance that is not too bright, the color appears intense and vivid.

Copper-red hair with undertones like Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan bet everything on one brown hair with copper red hues. The result? A natural base and very hot and brilliant lightening to light up her complexion and illuminate her face. This is the color to try for brunettes who want to get shiny hair without going blonde.

Noemi’s copper red hair and honey

naomi fashion week

Valentina FrugiueleGetty Images

Guest of the last San Remo Festivalsinger Naomi she sported auburn hair a lot bright and clear. The red roots they then tend to “unload” color on lengths and ends, where a pinch of blond gives light and brightness.

Copper red hair and contrasting roots like Bella Thorne

copper red

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Bella Thorne enhances her copper-red hair with a vintage hairstyle. The dark roots add depth to the whole, while the intense coppery red of lengths and ends brings that touch of seduction and elegance that makes everything even more spicy.

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