Coruña arrests 3 people in state-level anti-drug trafficking operation

Operation March Rice. The National Police reported an operation that allowed the dismantling of a specialized non-drug trafficking criminal organization. A total of eight people were detained, including three in Coruña, one in Bunho, one in Cambados, two in the suburban area of ​​Santiago de Compostela and one in the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

Among the defendants are suppliers, transporters and receivers of illegal substances traded in different areas of Coruña province.

The disbanded organization, based in Vilanova de Arusha, had the logistical capabilities to transport illicit substances internationally, using vehicles and trailers equipped with hidden compartments (recesses) with a launch vehicle on the front carrying The rocket’s job involves traveling several kilometers every day. Tasks to warn you if there is control of the troops and security forces themselves.

The exploitation phase of the operation began on October 5, when two gang members were arrested in Madrid while transporting 148 kilograms of haxix and 2 kilograms of MDMA on a tractor to the city. Shipping from Murcia to England.
The group’s main transporter was subsequently arrested on 18 October in the town of Teo while transporting 5 kilograms of cocaine between Villanova de Arusha and A Coruña, which was hidden in a complex. of 5 parcels within the bay. A van.
The goods would be delivered to members of the criminal group living in Coruña and then distributed to lower levels before being sold to end consumers.

After entry and searches, 3 items from the city of Coruña, 1 item from Bunho, 2 items from Cambados and 2 items from Vilanova de Arusha, together with substances seized in previous arrests, were confiscated:

• 148 kg haxix.
• 21 kg MDMA.
• 6 kilograms of cocaine.
• 1 kilogram of sharps pending non-laboratory analysis.
• €119,200.
• CHF 5,000.
• 6 coaches.
• 1 tractor head.
The detainees, as well as the actions taken and the property seized, were placed at the disposal of the Court of First Instance of Coruña, and the transfer of 6 to 8 persons to the prison center was ordered to the judicial authorities in accordance with Order No. 6 of Coruña.

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