Essential foods in Ronaldo’s diet: allowing you to lose weight at light speed

cristiano ronaldo He is a man who is recognized for his outstanding performances on the field.The Portuguese is regarded as one of football’s greatest legends after playing for Real Madrid, where he reached his best, but Not all of his strengths come from his talent with the ball at his feet.

His physical strength is another outstanding feature of his stature. The Portuguese has a very good physical condition, which he has achieved through exercise, but also thanks to a strict and careful diet of experts and doctors. The current Al-Nassr player has seven foods that he considers essential in his diet.

Cristiano Ronaldo, football player
Cristiano Ronaldo in thoughtful gesture

These are organic and natural foods such as Chicken, fish, eggs, beef, avocado, coconut oil or black riceIts former chef, Giorgio Barone, confirmed this. These foods are included in most meals and are most important for rapid weight loss.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Secret to Success

Cristiano Ronaldo has a strict diet that he follows strictly to stay in shape. He’s a proven football player with very visible muscles and it’s obvious that he’s very dedicated to his work in and out of the gym. Good hydration, nutrition and rest They are the three fundamental aspects of its success. He has also passed on these values ​​to his son, who is already considered a young prospect in football.

Cristiano Ronaldo regrets missing goal

The Portuguese footballer is 38 years old and still looks like a bull, nothing is a coincidence, everything is well thought out. He started last season at Manchester United and decided to end his time in Europe during the winter Signed for Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia, where he is now facing his second that election He played a total of 26 games, scoring 12 goals and providing 4 assists.. Ronaldo’s legs have lasted nearly 2,000 minutes, not counting his appearances with the Portuguese national team.

Some data clearly show A model for sports fans who want to eat healthily to follow.. Its diet is simple and suitable for everyone, you just need perseverance and strength to follow all these steps strictly.

Cristiano Ronaldo warms up before Champions League game

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