COVID-19 Alert! Minsa confirms two cases of EG.5 variant in the country


In an official statement, the Ministry of Health urged the public to intensify preventive measures against the new EG.5 variant of Covid-19.

Ministry of Health (Minsa) confirmed the presence of two cases on the evening of Thursday, August 31 Variant EG.5 of Coronavirus disease domestic.

after passing the molecular test

Through its Twitter account, Minsa made the aforementioned variants official at release people.Confirmed cases after sequencing Two molecular tests.

This would be a 57-year-old man and a 56-year-old woman who both have Symptoms are mild and do not require hospitalizationso far.

It is worth mentioning that patients are home isolationin the area grind.

According to the Minsa notice, the test file Does not contain any travel information co-created by two people who give positive to the new variant.

In addition, they reported that both cases were antecedent Three doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Minsa guarantees vaccine supply

To this end, the Ministry of Health guarantees supply vaccine and urged the public to prevent the disease Go to an established vaccination center the entire national territory.

Likewise, the agency issued an appeal to the people of Peru, Strengthening measures prevention To fight the disease, it would be:

  • wash your hands frequently
  • Complete your COVID-19 vaccination plan.
  • Wear a mask in confined spaces and when coughing or having a stuffy nose
  • Cover your cough
  • Avoid close contact with anyone showing cold or flu symptoms

70 people die from Covid-19 every week

It is important to remember that the Minister of Health, Cesar Vazquezannounced a few days ago, in Peru is recorded around 70 people die from Covid-19 every week, Those patients who did not complete the vaccination program.

Likewise, Vazquez warned of the new arrival Variant EG.5 To the national territory, there have been two positive cases in the same area.

Likewise, a few weeks ago, the executive team sent out a call to the board population After the alert, complete your vaccination schedule against the coronavirus World Health Organization (World Health Organization) regarding the new variant already in Peruvian territory.

The entity mentions that they are monitoring new crossthrough its global network of laboratories and in frequent communication with professionals to analyze the evolution of technology Virus and take action where appropriate.

so, Minsa Two cases confirmed Variant EG.5 of Coronavirus disease domestic.

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