Taylor Swift also conquers Mexico: other records

Taylor Swift Begins Her International Era's Tour Segment
Taylor Swift kicks off international segment of Era’s Tour (Instagram @taylorswift) – VELvetMusic.it

Completed the American segment of his Era tourTaylor Swift breaks into Mexico with a range of new products

Taylor Swift has long dreamed of performing in Mexico City.. Despite her promotional activities, she never succeeded, already about ten years ago she tried to organize a couple of concerts and on different occasions.

However, this time he definitely went too far. Four nights sold out in each order of places in the vast Forum Sol Mexican capital.

One entry after another

Another 250,000 viewers were recorded at the box office. further increase in tour revenue, which is now preparing to be easily overcome half a billion dollars in revenue which would make it the most successful tour in the history of modern music.

Now it’s only a matter of time. This will almost certainly happen in Asia, perhaps in Singapore. The math is relatively simple given the fact that tour tickets sell out almost immediately for every show. Just as the tickets for the two scheduled concerts are already almost completely sold out. San Siro Stadium from Milan, 13 and 14 July next year.

Taylor Swift, another 250,000 viewers in Mexico
Taylor Swift, another 250,000 viewers in Mexico – Photo by ANSA (VelvetMusic.it)

Instant ticket burning within hours and is now available only in a very expensive scheme additional ticket which in Italy is notoriously considered an illegal practice. However, take a look at some sites that do this. scalpingthe sale of overpriced online advertising is unfortunately increasingly the target of Italian and foreign criminal organizations, tickets are still worth their weight in gold.

Some of the best items are even up for sale for more than 5,000 euros. It is curious that neither the organizers nor the authorities responsible for controlling this kind of completely illegal activity have yet thought of investigating and correcting the situation.

Taylor Swift in Mexico City

As for the concert in Mexico City… Taylor Swift arrived across the border even under extreme security circumstances, given the importance of the event, as well as the organizational difficulties of an extremely complex city.

Of course, there were many fears associated with the concert. Unfortunately, actually The capital of Mexico is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. about robberies and ambushes. Just think about the sensational case of Miguel Bose whose villa was attacked a few days ago by a detachment of armed men who held him hostage along with his son and a housekeeper.

Six reissued albums: breaking free from exclusives
Six albums to re-release: getting rid of exclusives – Credits ANSA (VelvetMusic.it)

It is redundant to point out that the presence of Taylor Swift this caused serious concern to the Mexican Ministry of the Interior and its police force.

The singer’s movements were coordinated meter by meter with a range of logistical arrangements, always based on maximum security. The off-road column with Taylor, her family, musicians and staff, who follow her step by step on this endless tour, was escorted not only by the singer’s private security, only about fifteen people, but also by armed convoys and armored vehicles.

Taylor Swift Security Motorcade

A real procession that moved day by day between the luxurious hotel in the center, where Taylor spent his five Mexican days, and Forum Sollocation of the date of his concert.

Despite the fears, everything went extremely smoothly, no difficulties, no problems.

Impressive cortege of security guards around Taylor Swift in Mexico


have fun as Taylor Swift walks in front of her home in Mexico looking for safety and listening with her #fy #taylorswift #theerastour #swifttok @Taylor Swift

♬ original – cleber.

Taylor Swift herself in her social accounts, posting numerous shots of Mexican concerts, said that she was delighted with special evenings … “I waited a long time because I always wanted to play in Mexico” the singer wrote on her social media profiles.

Taylor Swift revealed in another post that her first concerts in Mexico during era tour… “they were unforgettable.”
The Grammy-winning superstar performed her first concerts in Mexico, four of which were sold out. Forum Sol Each of the four planned evenings was attended by over 65,000 people.

Taylor Swift’s concert will be opened by Sabrina Carpenter, one of the songwriters and singer who is closest to Taylor also in terms of friendship, and not just creative collaboration.

Taylor Swift programs

StagesEras Tours To Forum Sol they marked Swift’s first real concert in Mexico. Although earlier in 2011 he performed a short set with Love Story and Sparks Fly on a cruise ship. The charm of the seas Royal Caribbean International when she was moored on the island of Cozumel.

After four concerts in Mexico City, era tour goes on hiatus for more than two months before resuming in November with shows in Argentina and Brazil. Swift will then take a few more months off before returning to Asia, Australia, Europe and North America from February 2024 to November 2024.

Taylor Swift has no shortage of commitments as she prepares to re-release her 1989 fourth album (Taylor’s Version) on October 27th.

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