Covid Vaccine Lawsuit Against Popular Pharmaceutical Company. Millions of people in Türkiye have received this vaccine

In the United States, a lawsuit was filed against the famous pharmaceutical company Pfizer, alleging that it provided misleading information about the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine and tried to silence opposing voices. Millions of people in Türkiye have received this vaccine.

In the United States, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, accusing it of providing misleading information about the effectiveness of the mRNA vaccine it developed against Covid, and of trying to prevent public debate on this issue. He stated that the lawsuit was filed as a result of the investigation initiated by Paxton into Pfizer and other vaccine manufacturers.

According to what was reported by DW Turkish. The company’s statements come that the Covid-19 vaccine it developed provides 95 percent protection against infection “Very misleading” The criminal complaint said that this statement was based only on the results of two months of clinical research initially conducted by the company and that it was not actually valid for vaccinated individuals. “Relative risk reduction” It was noted that he relied on calculations. The company’s “false, misleading and deceptive actions and practices” regarding its product were alleged to violate the state’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Claiming that the information was hidden from the public

The criminal complaint states that FDA publications cite “relative risk reduction” as a misleading statistic that misleads consumers’ choices. Pfizer indicated at the time that vaccine protection could not be predicted for more than two months, but it nevertheless created a misleading impression that the protection was permanent and concealed from the public information that refuted its claims about the vaccine. Pfizer stated that its clinical trials showed that the vaccine protected against infection, “and despite He did not give the vaccine, but he began a campaign to intimidate the public by saying that vaccination is a necessary precaution to protect his loved ones.” Data included.

Vaccinated people have higher death rates than unvaccinated people

It was pointed out in the criminal complaint that, contrary to the company’s statement, the number of Covid-19 cases increased after large-scale vaccination campaigns, and that death rates due to Covid-19 in some areas were higher among those vaccinated. People are among the unvaccinated persons.

Accused of “pressure on social media platforms”

Attorney General Pfizer “fact” He also accused them of trying to intimidate those who spoke. A criminal complaint against Pfizer against those who criticized its vaccine “sinner”Shared information “Incorrect information” Try to silence him by calling him “He has put pressure on social media platforms to silence the voices of prominent figures expressing facts about the impact of the vaccine.” He claimed.

Blame the Biden administration

Attorney General Paxton “Texans were forced to use a defective product through lies.” Claiming that the Biden administration is responding to the pandemic, “It is being used as a weapon to enforce illegal public health orders and enrich pharmaceutical companies.” Make an accusation.

Attorney General Paxton, known for his bipartisanship, also served in the Texas State Senate and House of Representatives. The conservative politician also attracted attention with the lawsuits he filed against then-Democratic Party Chairman Barack Obama after taking over as attorney general in 2014.

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