This Friday, the flu vaccine will arrive at the vaccination module at Zona 30 Market


Health Jurisdiction 01 leaders confirmed that flu and COVID-19 vaccines are expected to arrive this Friday and that the module will remain installed throughout December

Vaccine Module in Los MochisVaccine Module in Los Mochis
Vaccine modules at the Zona 30 market in Los Mochis | Photo: Mireia Trejo

Los Mochis, Sin – Flu shots will arrive this Friday to the vaccination module installed in Zona 30 Market while You are getting the hepatitis B vaccine Suitable for people over 12 years old to prevent tetanus From the age of 15, In addition to biology, children under 9 years old also need supplemental programs.

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This module runs from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm Monday to Friday. It is expected that starting from this Friday Flu vaccine and Fighting COVID-19 Currently sold out.

When the long-awaited shipment arrives, the module will be reinstalled at Bodega Aurrerá, located on Macario Gaxiola Avenue, next to general Hospital.Here only Flu vaccine and Coronavirus disease,reported responsible nurse from this point VaccinationMónica Yoselín Cota Barrón and Isis Rubí Calderón Ceballos invite citizens to participate vaccination.

“Now we have tetanus, starting from the age of 15; prevention of hepatitis B, starting from the age of 12, and biologics for children up to 9 years old. We invite you to go to the module in zone 30.”

Vaccine Module in Los MochisVaccine Module in Los Mochis

Vaccine module at the Zona 30 market in Los Mochis.Photo: Mireya Trejo

“From tomorrow we will be offering flu vaccines, suitable for the whole family from 6 months old, to anyone who wants to come. “Right now they haven’t authorized us to carry Covid and we don’t know if they will give it to us tomorrow. “

In turn, the head of health jurisdiction 01 Víctor Manuel Lim Zavala confirmed, The module will remain installed throughout December to apply biology against this respiratory tract infection.

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50% progress has been made so far application The goal Vaccination be opposed to influenza at this Winter 2023-2024the official pointed out state government health minister.

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