Crazy Filmmakers Stage Their Nightmares: The Return of Harmony Korine

On a curious short circuit, the Locarno Film Festival has announced that it will award the Pardo d’onore Harmony Korine on the occasion of the anniversary of one of its iconic Spring Breakers titles: the American director will attend to receive the award, but will bring his new film Aggro Dr1ft to the 80th Venice Film Festival. The film will be presented out of competition and during a press conference, Artistic Director Alberto Barbera identified it as a work of contemporary art that can be displayed in the Biennale Arte pavilion.” Shot almost covertly and starring singer Travis Scott, it seems to be rumored that the film is an action film “filmed entirely in infrared” with heavy references to the Predator.

Quirks aside, this is the perfect excuse to revive the unsettling beauty (or sublime bottom-seeking squalor) of the vision of one of the most interesting writers of the 2000s: Korine, at 19, writing the screenplay for Larry Clarke’s Children, another crazy deviant. , as talented as he is from 1995, immediately became a sensation, controversy and a cult title. The Teen Movie America Would Never Make is a story of teenage sex in a time of AIDS, drugs, abuse, violence, theft, shot in such a casual tone that it almost feels like a documentary.

His cinematic debut as a director is even more shocking: 1997’s Gummo is a nihilistic dystopia set in a tornado-ravaged city where sick, hopeless and morally destitute characters roam, in a seedy, extremely violent social rift that mixes brutality , violence and despair.

Director, writer, actor, producer, Korine returns to the stage forcefully with Spring Breakers in 2012, where Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine go on vacation to Florida where they meet the very decadent James Franco . and find yourself in a mixture of robberies and murders.

We understood each other, these are very heavy and indigestible titles, horror without a reassuring genre package, and it’s a shame to tell them: for some they will be unwatchable, for others they will be the hidden treasure they were looking for. their whole life. But directors like Korine take cinema to infinity and beyond.

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