Cristiano and Georgina have new problems in Spain; the reason?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez are once again in the spotlight as a company they own in Spain comes under investigation.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez are once again in the spotlight following an investigation into one of their businesses.

Photo: AFP/EFE.

The media couple has always been in the spotlight, so nothing can go unnoticed.

Now, Cristiano and Georgia are placed at the center of a hurricane by one of their companies. Below are details of the investigation.

‘CR7’ has used his wealth to build an empire over the years, and it’s no wonder he’s had a successful career with Real Madrid, Juventus and now Saudi Arabian football club Al Nasr.

His entire journey helped him create his own business to increase his capital. His partner, Gerogina Rodríguez, accompanies him on this path.

However, one of his companies is having a tough time as the Inland Revenue Department investigates Inspyra Medical Clinic for possible tax evasion.

This is a hair care company founded in Spain by Cristiano Ronaldo and managed by his partner Georgina Rodriguez.

According to Confidential, the tax bureau has opened a case against the company for possible tax evasion.

According to the Spanish Treasury Law, “diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic and curative medical services” are not taxable, which is why the authorities are conducting an investigation, as they claim that the Portuguese company was able to use this mechanism to avoid taxes (2019-2021).

In fact, “pure beauty” services must pay 21%. Therefore, the tax bureau will investigate whether there are cases of pure beauty or disease.

The footballer’s company provided authorities with information from the World Health Organization (WHO), which defines alopecia as a condition requiring “medical treatment”.

Likewise, they compare hair transplant companies to implanting prosthetics for patients who have lost limbs to demonstrate that they perform these procedures for health purposes.

Authorities asked the company to provide bank statements, cash collection data and anonymous patient lists.

For now, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez have left the entire matter to their lawyers, as they believe they followed all procedures legally.

2023/11/037:25pm / internet writing

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