Cristiano Ronaldo gives away new watch worth $1.3 million

cristiano ronaldoHis collection of watches continues to expand when Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co., recently presented him with an extraordinary timepiece.

This horological masterpiece is the Twin Turbo Furious Baguette watch, with a dual three-axis tourbillon, and its estimated retail price is as high as $1.3 million.

However, this extraordinary timepiece is extremely unique, with only 18 examples remaining. Owning one at retail price seems to be the preserve of a select few, such as long-time Jacob & Co. customers and global celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo.

In a video shared by Jacob & Co., Jacob Arabo can be seen personally presenting the Twin Turbo Furious Baguette watch to Cristiano Ronaldo. The headline humorously suggested that Arab was “nearby,” but it’s worth noting that Ronaldo was also staying at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh’s Kingdom Tower.

Cristiano Ronaldo surprised by Twin Turbo Furious Baguette watch

What makes Cristiano Ronaldo’s new watch so expensive?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new watch is anything but ordinary, it is a testament to luxury and innovation in the world of horology.

Its unique features are the twin three-axis tourbillons and the decimal minute repeater, making it worth a whopping $1.3 million. The watch consists of 832 complex parts and is decorated with 75 precious jewels. The case is made of 18K rose gold and decorated with 334 baguette white diamonds, and the crown is also made of the same luxurious material.

The buckle is also set with 18 additional baguette diamonds, adding to the exquisite appearance of the watch.

Jacob & Co. aptly describes the Twin Turbo Furious Baguette as “a true grand complication masterpiece” that combines “an ultra-high-end mechanism exclusive to Jacob & Co.” It’s a creation designed to fuse the exhilarating energy of the world’s fastest cars with the unparalleled refinement and mechanical sophistication of the highest quality timepieces.

Understanding the complex technology of this watch can be a daunting task. Even explaining how a typical tourbillon watch works is a complex undertaking. In-depth mechanical and horological knowledge is a prerequisite when it comes to understanding the function of the twin three-axis tourbillons in this caliber timepiece.

List price $1.3 million cristiano ronaldoJacob & Co.’s new watch may look pricey, but it’s well within the reach of one of the world’s richest athletes.Cristiano Ronaldo’s current two-year earnings in the Premier League are estimated at $200 million Saudi Professional League. This acquisition only enhances the grandeur of Ronaldo’s already illustrious watch collection, embodying the union of art and engineering in the world of horology.

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