Resignation earthquake in England: How many Palestinians must be slaughtered before you condemn the brutality?

In his resignation letter to Starmer, which he shared on his X account, Hussain stated that he had been working in the party’s various shadow ministries for nearly 8 years.

Hussein said that if Labor came to power in the future, he would continue to support the party to improve workers’ rights. “However, the past weeks have revealed that my view on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza is very different from the position it espouses.” He made his assessment.

Hussein pointed out that more than 10,000 Palestinians and 1,400 Israelis were killed last month, and indicated that these numbers will increase further with the continuation of the siege and random attacks on Gaza.

In his statement, Hussein referred to the words of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, that “Gaza has turned into a cemetery for children.”“As this crisis deepens, I want to be a strong supporter of the demand for a humanitarian ceasefire called for by the UN Secretary-General, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN agencies, many governments and NGOs such as Oxfam, Save the Children and Amnesty International ” He included his statements.

“Given my current position, it is clear that I cannot do this on the front lines.” In his statements, Hussein stressed that the ceasefire is vital to stop the bloodshed, aid reaches Gaza, and the return of Israeli prisoners to their homes.

“I think the party should call for a ceasefire.”

Hussein described what happened in Gaza as “beyond a humanitarian catastrophe,” stressing that cutting off the access of water, food, energy, and medicine to the region is collective punishment and a violation of international law and the Geneva Convention.

Referring to Starmer’s radio program in which he gave Israel the right to cut off water, food and energy access to Gaza, Hussein said: “Although we want to stop the bloodshed, I think the party should go further and call for a ceasefire.” . He made his assessment.

Hussein stated that the state has a duty to protect civilians, not to violate international law and not to commit war crimes while defending itself, and said: “As the Secretary-General of the United Nations stated, ensuring a humanitarian ceasefire to protect civilians and establishing a lasting peace that guarantees peace for Israelis and Palestinians under the title of a solution.” The two states,” he said.

Labor MP Hussein asked Foreign Secretary James Cleverley during the parliamentary session on 24 October: “How many thousands of innocent Palestinians must be slaughtered before this government condemns this brutality and massacre (in Gaza)?” He asked the question.

City council members resigned

Labor leader Starmer has been criticized for not calling for a ceasefire and providing unconditional support for Israel since October 7, when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict began.

Starmer’s answer to a question about Israel cutting off water, food and energy access to Gaza on the LBC radio programme: “Israel has the right to do this. This is an ongoing process. Of course, everything must be accordingly.” With international law.” His answer was also criticized within the party.

The party stated in its statement regarding these words that Starmer was responding to repeated questions and that the statements in question were used to ask Israel to defend itself.

Starmer also said of his comments that sparked reactions after visiting a mosque in Wales: “I have stated clearly that I have never found justification for Israel to cut off access to water, food, energy and medicine. International law must be followed.” “He made the statement.

The largest reaction to the party’s senior management’s statements in favor of Israel and not calling for a ceasefire came from members of the municipal council.

The Labor Party, which lost its parliamentary majority in Oxford, was shaken by the resignation of 11 council members, including the Speaker of Parliament, in Burnley. The number of municipal council members who resigned from the Labor Party throughout the country exceeded 30 members.

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