Cristiano Ronaldo hands out checks for €1,250 to employees of the new company he acquired

There is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football players of all time. The 38-year-old athlete continues to compete and currently plays for Al-Nassr FC. However, football is no longer his only source of income. Over the years, he owned different businesses and even became one of the most influential businessmen in the world. A few weeks ago, it acquired its latest business: CR7 became a full shareholder of COFINA Media, one of the most important audiovisual groups in Portugal. It is now known that he behaves well towards company employees.

The communications group’s acquisition cost Georgina Rodriguez’s partners nearly 57 million euros. After completing the acquisition of this company – which, by the way, owns the largest circulation newspaper in the country, Manhattan Mailimportant magazines and CMTV network and other media okdiario It was revealed that the Portuguese star has given the first guidelines. This includes a salary payment of €1,250 to all company employees.

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The outlet has contacted sources in the supply chain for this information, detailing that the payments will be made to workers at the end of October. Employees at the company were informed of the news via an email detailing the lofty concept of the payment, which is nothing less than “a sign of gratitude to all those who belong to this great company and work for it every day.” . she. ” Cristiano expressed his respect for the workers in the most noble manner.

Although he is now the boss of the communications group, Cristiano’s relationship with the company has not historically been good. The striker had sued 11 times before acquiring COFINA. However, it now appears that following the financial maneuvers, the two sides have signed a peace agreement. “Yes, we had something happen with him. That’s normal and we felt uncomfortable. But look, no one here is worried about their jobs,” the source told reporters okdiario.

11 previous complaints

Cristiano has legal experience in the companies he acquired

“We know that although we bothered him with or without reason, he understood our job. Sports journalists are happy. Anyone who thinks Cristiano will fire left and right is wrong,” said the source, buried To fight for new business horizons. Now Cristiano is one of the leaders of this communications group that gives him a headache.

For his part, “Chris” (as his wife “Gio” calls him) continues to expand his business empire. The athlete owns everything from a hotel chain to a fitness chain, including perfume and underwear, and is involved in the market in the most important areas, such as real estate. He also owns his own hair transplant clinic, a field that is currently booming. Its brand is expanding bit by bit, and in different, unrelated areas. This is a great moment for CR7 on a professional level.

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