The Israeli army besieges hospitals in northern Gaza: Tanks are at the doors of hospitals – latest world news

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    Israeli tanks arrived at the doors of hospitals in Gaza. During the past three days, all hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip have been subjected to artillery and mortar shelling. Operating rooms and intensive care units stopped working due to power outages.

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    The Israeli army was stationed only a few hundred meters from Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest health facility in the area. Israeli tanks are waiting 20 meters from Al-Quds Hospital, where thousands of people are taking shelter.

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    Doctors Without Borders announced that it was no longer able to communicate with its employees in the region.

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    37 children will be transferred

    The Gaza Ministry of Health also reported that two infants who required medical care at Al-Shifa Hospital died due to a power outage, and that 37 children were in danger.

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    Israel announced that it would help transfer the children to another location, following growing reactions from the international community.

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    Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said the request came from doctors at Al-Shifa Hospital and that the children would be transferred to a secure facility.

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    But Hajari did not provide details about the exact role of the Israeli soldier in the transfer operation. The transplant is expected to take place today.

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    He did part of his talk about hospitals in English

    There was also an extraordinary moment in Spokesman Hagari’s daily press conference. Hagari began his speech in Hebrew and delivered the part about hospitals in English.

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    This choice was interpreted as a desire to respond to the growing reaction from world capitals. In fact, Hagari began the English portion of his speech by saying, “I want the world to know that.”

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    Warning from the United Nations

    Catherine Russell, Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), said she was concerned about the deaths of children in incubators at Al-Shifa Hospital, which was out of service as a result of attacks by Israeli forces. Russell stressed that he was “deeply concerned” about the reports of premature babies dying in their incubators due to a power outage at Shifa Hospital in Gaza due to Israeli attacks, and said: “Hospitals must be protected! Children must be protected!” He said.

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