Cristiano Ronaldo: latest video of CR7 boys as they tour the world | Georgina Rodriguez | Al Nasr

Cristiano Ronaldo had the unconditional support of his children and Georgina Rodriguez, who attended the Al Nasr match at KSU Football Field Stadium.

One of Cristiano Ronaldo’s sons wore an Al-Nasr jersey with the number 7 on his jacket. | Photo: Free composition

Day October 6, Al Nasr under Cristiano Ronaldo equalized with a two-goal lead Abha por la fesha 9 de la Saudi Arabian Professional League. In the party Portuguese football player hizo gala of her best plays to try to give her victory in her club.

In times of crisis, CR7 is the unconditional support of your family, which will be present in it. KSU football field stadium. They also starred in an emotional video that warned kids in the area social rules.

In this video the star is Hijos de Cristiano Ronaldo

Looking at your Instagram account, Georgina Rodriguez shared his images boys exactly at the moment when salida former Real Madrid player before braking begins.

“Daddy’s pride,” she wrote. Empresary as described and it is recommended to label it pareja in his stories. As is known, Los small They were delighted and shouted their father’s name to them.

Asimism, one of them wore an amaryll and blue shirt Saudi team with the number 7 on his shoulder. For this reason, the loving God went on a trip around the world and won the hearts of users.

Georgina Rodriguez dedicated a love post to Cristiano Ronaldo

Tras su paso por la Semana de la Moda in Paris, Georgina Rodriguez returned to his home Saudi Arabia. That’s when I tried to write a romantic quote with Cristiano Ronaldo, what God knows in your social circles. The post included the phrase “Mi amor lindo,” which generated thousands of reactions to hourly questions.

A couple was invited to a famous restaurant for a romantic date. Photo: Instagram Join the free WhatsApp channel

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