Cristiano Ronaldo transforms his luxury hotel in Morocco into shelter for earthquake victims

Cristiano Ronaldo hotel opens in Morocco

The situation in Morocco is very serious after a 6.8-magnitude earthquake occurred in the High Atlas region near Marrakech.At least 2,122 people died, The natural disaster has injured 2,421 people and forced thousands to spend the night on the streets. Multiple crashes.

One of them is a Spanish citizen Erin Sexaswho visited the African country and witnessed firsthand the aftermath of the earthquake: “Almost everything collapsed on us.”. We were lucky that our riad (Moroccan building) had recently been renovated and developed cracks but did not collapse.Everything is full of dust and cracks, but “We were able to leave quickly.”He said in a conversation with the news website RTVE.

Fortunately, she and several others who remained on the streets managed to find shelter, in part because cristiano ronaldoafter Tab CR7 MarrakechPart of its luxury hotel chain, Open the gates to shelter them.

“Now we are very frustrated. We started looking for flights and they were quickly sold out. We had to take a flight worth 1,000 euros to leave early because we were leaving next Wednesday,” Seixas continued. “Hotels, it’s all the same. We had to come to the new part of Marrakech, where there are arguably more luxury hotels. “Now we have managed to get a room at Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel in the suburbs,” Indian.

One of the rooms in the luxury hotel

“We are waiting. We slept on the street all night and at seven o’clock in the morning they told us yes, “We could approach and there were many people of different nationalities in the hall, waiting to see if we could find a room, but we were all sleeping on the street,” the Spaniard said.

about Tab CR7 MarrakechLocated in front of Avenida de la Ménara, it is a complex Four stars, all comforts From the outdoor swimming pool to the luxurious restaurant inside. It has 174 guest rooms at the same time. Wifi49-inch TV, microwave, electric kettle and coffee machine.

between them, The most expensive ones also come with a sofa, balcony and a king-size bed. According to its official website, prices per night range from 182 euros (CR7 Room Noch) to 297 euros (CR7 Suite Avenue)

The hotel building was completed Early 2022 is part of a chain of several buildings located in some of the most important cities in the world, e.g. Madrid, New York, Lisbon, Manchester and Funchalthe Portuguese star took his first step in Portugal here.

This is the CR7 hotel in Morocco
It presents a typical Moroccan architectural style
Has more than 170 rooms
There are many conveniences inside
There is an outdoor swimming pool

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