Angelina Jolie from actress to entrepreneur: launched herself into a new sector (and this is serious)

Angelina Jolie is putting aside films and debuting in a new sector: today, as a successful entrepreneur, she looks to the future from an ethical and sustainable point of view.

A talented actress, an undeniable beauty and often at the center of gossip, Angelina Jolie has taken up a new entrepreneurial endeavor. Despite being one of Hollywood’s most accredited entertainers, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife has shifted her professional focus to a new sector that satisfies her interest in sustainability and respect for the environment.

Angelina Jolie has repeatedly stated the need focus on environmental sustainability, requiring everyone to commit to doing something that can help the planet. The actress has come out in person today by founding a company aimed at promoting ethical fashion. Translator Maleficent considered the new ambassador of sustainable fashion, a representation that makes you an entrepreneur and a stylist at the same time. Jolie stepped away from the set, despite numerous job offers every day, to devote herself to her new fashion brand.

Atelier Jolie The company’s goal is to create clothes that express feminine modernity, flowing and tactile lines, all while respecting the environment. A brand that strives to recycle waste without neglecting design and style, and which has already intrigued many fashion houses. It is no coincidence that in recent days the actress announced on Instagram the creation of a capsule collection. with Gabriela Hearst, designer of the Chloé brand. The goal of the union is to give life to evening dresses inspired by Angelina Jolie’s private collection, but created from “dead stock”, that is, parts of unused fabrics.

Gabriela Hirst: “I am honored to be the first partner of Atelier Joile”

The Chloè designer said she was thrilled to be collaborating with Angelina Jolie and her brand. He immediately picked up on the actress’s stylistic philosophy, and the garments created would be unique and beautiful: “From the moment I heard about Angelina’s vision for Atelier Jolie, I believed in it. It’s a way to lift the spirits of others through the beauty of the packaging and deep respect for the environment.”

Collaboration between Angelina Jolie and Chloè-photo Instagram-

Proceeds from the sale of the original capsule collection will be reinvested in various internships and courses for young stylists who want to put yourself to the testAtelier Jolie. The former Mrs. Pitt hopes that the female world will appreciate her creations: “I hope all women feel comfortable and beautiful in this capsule collection.”

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