Cristiano Ronaldo’s look at Georgina melts the internet

Cristiano Ronaldo's look at Georgina melted the internet.

Photos of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez kissing.

A few days ago, a video circulated on the TikTok social network in which Cristiano Ronaldo was captured gazing at his girlfriend Georgina Rodríguez.

It is the way the footballer looks at his partner that excites all fans of the couple.

In the video, which lasted only a few seconds, the Portuguese was interviewed by several media outlets. As for Georgina, she waited for him in the corner and watched him.

The interview continued and Chris turned to where Georgina was and after a few seconds of looking at each other, he smiled. He immediately turned his attention to the reporter interviewing him.

Through it all, Rodriguez was still watching him with a smile.

Tiktok shows Cristiano looking at Georgina Rodriguez.

The way Cristiano Ronaldo looked at Georgina excited their fans so much that they started making videos with this reaction. Some captions on Douyin are “Be with people who watch you, just like CR7 watches Gio.”

Georgina and Cristiano’s Tiktok.

Georgina gives Cristiano Ronaldo a jealous look

On the other hand, in January 2023, the couple sparked controversy. A video previously went viral, showing Georgina looking at CR7 in a very special way when she signed with Al-Nassr.

It turned out that journalist and presenter Fatma Fahd had a very close relationship with Ronaldo during an event organized by the Arab Club.

One time, Chris forgot how to pronounce a word, and Fama kindly helped him pronounce it. But Georgina Rodriguez obviously didn’t like this very much and looked at the two of them angrily.

Then, almost at the end of the presentation, the young woman asked the Portuguese to take a photo. This also made Georgina uncomfortable and she looked jealously at Cristiano Ronaldo and the presenter.

The video posted on X shows Georgina Rodríguez’s reaction to the photo taken by Cristiano Fatma Fahad.

The Spanish woman’s reaction was captured on video and the situation spread on social networks and in national and international media.

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