Lower Uric Acid: Tips to lower uric acid and avoid joint problems: Try this food!

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Joint Pain and Uric Acid: Recommended Superfoods for Lowering Uric AcidRosa Campos

Do you have high uric acid? Should uric acid be lowered? We will help you achieve this in the best possible way: Take care of your diet, which will also allow you to carry Eat better and lose excess weight.


Part after part. ¿What is uric acid? Experts assure that it is “a substance formed when the body digests protein and produces a substance called purine. Excessive amounts of this substance in the body can produce uric acid crystals, which accumulate in the joints and cause severe pain.”

Pumpkin cookies.

Why does uric acid occur?

The best way to control it is to pay attention to your diet and Limit certain foods that do not affect its elevation.

In fact, you have to know that certain foods raise it while others do the opposite. Generally speaking, Additionally, uric acid does not cause serious health problems because it is normally a waste product that is eliminated naturally. Our kidneys pass urine.

However, when an organism consumes large amounts of protein, uric acid can accumulate in the joints, tendons, and kidneys, producing what is known as gouty arthritis (lThis is very painful).

Symptoms of high uric acid

  • joint deformation

  • redness of joints

  • Joint pain and swelling (especially fingers, hands, knees, ankles, heels, and toes)

  • Difficulty moving the affected joint

How to test uric acid levels?

Urinalysis is done through blood or urine analysis. Reference values ​​are based on professional websites tuasaoudthe following:

Measuring the value of uric acid index

Recommended foods to avoid uric acid

Pumpkin is a perfect superfood to incorporate into your diet, weight loss… thereby reducing uric acid.

In fact, there are many vegetables, Fruits and legumes can help you in this situation.

Miquel Girones, the most followed nutritionist on social networks, recommended another food on his Instagram account a few days ago More and more nutritionists are getting on board with something that’s really good for your health: it’s pumpkin.

Pumpkin Cream: Delicious and Great Diet Recipes

It is a natural product and, like the others, is cheap (a kilogram goes a long way and you can find it in supermarkets for one euro or less)It is available almost all year round and can be eaten in various ways.

People who often eat pumpkin say that it is suitable for both summer and winter. In the cold season it is best served in broth, while in hot weather you can serve it in a salad or simply cook it in a little oil.This is to remind you that every day you can find groups on social networks like Facebook “Real Food” recipes can help you change your eating habits.

Pumpkin Benefits

This superfood is high in potassium and low in sodium. This gives it powerful diuretic properties, enhancing the elimination of fluids from the body.

Apart from, Pumpkin is good for patients with high blood pressure, high uric acid, and kidney stones And helps eliminate fluid retention.

Large amounts of sodium in the body are excreted through urine, Substances dissolved in it, such as uric acid, urea and various toxins.

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