Shakira about one of the men in her life: “I was convinced by one of my favorite people”

We met when he was only 21 years old.Why Here’s the interview and write an article about me, which I never meant. Let me start with the fact that, alas, we searched for each other a lot, I remember that when we met, in our first meeting, I tell you that I will tell you an interesting story. Yes, I say: “But what’s the matter?” To which he replied: “Tell me what it is, if I don’t know it, I’ll make it up.” This is what she did, told her stories and how she won our hearts,” Shakira wrote very excitedly on the Service 95 platform.

El a man who has lived his life so much and what none of your peers say to this cutie, while a recognized writer: despite Gabriel Garcia Marquezto whom this reading club dedicates this month with a novella Cien years of sunshine. And she says that over time they discovered that they had a lot in common, especially regarding work, in the context of which she identified with the narrator.

He was very obsessed with his work, you can edit your books again. And that reminds me when I’m in the process of making music. I have always strived for perfectionand that’s why I think I’m really looking for it,” he says.

An Incomparable Legacy

Like Barranquilla, his compatriot was the greatest exponent of magical realism and completely changed the perception of the world in his country. “You have the honor to participate in writing the music for the film. Love in times of cholera, one of my best work experiences and one of my greatest sources of inspiration. This is my favorite part of my repertoire. Por su parte, Cien years of sunshine This book not only had a very profound impact on me, but also left a deep imprint on the life of the entire country and completely changed the image of Colombia in the world.and including Latin America.”

“These books were the most symbolic. I showed Colombia to the world with all the features of my country and my culture. I believe that Gabriel García Márquez has created a legacy incomparable to others in world literature.“, he adds.

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