Cristiano Ronaldo’s son to choose to play for US national team

he son of Cristiano Ronaldo, One of the best players of all time, his future is uncertain because despite being Portuguese, he also holds Portuguese nationality us Born in California, USA in 2010.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. can be us national team Since he was born there, he has every legal right to play for both countries if he chooses, despite his father wanting him to carry on his legacy Portugal.

Everything points to the fact that the eldest son of Cristiano Ronaldo started his career in the lower leagues with many teams in Europe, but only decided to represent a country when he turned professional.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. follow in his father’s footsteps or go another way?

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.. He has a great future in football and his father would most like him to continue his career, but he has to make a decision because he is American but also Portuguese.

The U.S. national team already knows that the future can rely on Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., although he can also play in the Spanish national team because he grew up in Madrid as a child, but he cannot adopt this nationality because he has lived a very happy life. not long. Been there for over 10 years.

Now he has two paths to go, if he continues in the footsteps he left Cristiano Ronaldo Play in Portugal national team or do yours own way And focus on the US national team for the rest of his career.

Marcelo’s son Enzo to play for Spain

Another example is Enzoson of Marcelo who made the decision to play for the team Spanish Featured Although his father played for the Brazil national team, it is because he was born in Madrid, Spain and grew up there.

In 2022, Enzo decided to play on behalf of the Spanish national team, because he is Brazilian but has Spanish nationality, and he has lived in Spain for more than 10 years, so he meets the requirements for Spanish nationality.

In the future, we could see the son of two great legends playing for the United States and Spain unlike the teams Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo played for at the time, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. and Enzo.

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