Spider-Man will be featured in Worlds of Marvel on the Disney Wish Cruise.

A few hours ago Disney Cruises announced a new experience that will be presented on a cruise ship Disney Treasures. This is a new version Marvel worldsa restaurant dedicated to the world of superheroes is open on the ship Disney Wish.

The restaurant will screen a short film Avengers: Quantum Encounterwith the main characters Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, Wasp, Ms. Marvel AND Sam Wilson. All MCU actors reprise their roles.

The attraction will also feature Spiderman and during the press conference Disney commented.

During Avengers: Quantum Encounters, Spider-Man will gather his fellow Avengers and the bravest of visitors when an unexpected villain invades the ship in search of powerful quantum technology.

The reference universes of all experiences (both in parks and on ships) are a variant of the canonical Marvel Cinematic Universe films, but they often feature stars Studio Marvel. Was dealing with Tom Holland on a roller coaster dedicated to his theme park character, although it is not yet known if he will return as Spider-Man in the new version Avengers: Quantum Encounter.

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