Cuban political prisoners denounce poor conditions and harassment by political police

from Cuban prison holds several political prisoners They called cuban council of rapporteurs on human rights this harsh conditions They suffered and were harassed in prison Political police.

according to a report marty newsactivist Jacqueline Garcia Harnes, political 39 years old, speaking of El Talach Prison, exist Bayamo, Granma Provincethat is Harassment, threats and provocationby highly dangerous common prey National Security Order.

“The provocateurs must be the same people, the police. I almost complied and in August I completed my sanctions. I have been there for three (years) and five (months) and they are laughing at me, they are irritating Me, but I’m deaf and blind,” Garcia added, Founder of the Women in White of Bayamo.

Also a representative of the organization Granma Municipal Democratic Circle of Cubaindicating that he warned about what happened prison authoritiesbut they did nothing to prevent harass him.Garcia, who has been serving a four-year prison sentence since August 2020, was charged with theft, a common crime she claimed was “made up” and intended to punish her his oppositional activism.

same, 11J Prisoners and independent journalists Carlos Michael Morales, incarcerated Barbed wire fence at Manacas (Villa Clara)The report said the diet was “soup and watered-down croquette pasta” and that he was sick and not taking his medication. He also warned that while in jail they were threatening to open a new case with the aim of keeping him behind bars.

Morales, 47, was sentenced to two years and 10 months in prison after being found guilty of disturbing public order for his role in the riot. Anti-government protests on July 11, 2021 In the town of Caibarién, Villa Clara.

“I had ulcers, gastritis, gallstones, kidney stones, I had hypotension, I had hypotension, my spine was disrupted with a cervical crisis and a sacrolumbar crisis. I still had four months to go, What I plan to do here is you ignore the sanctions. I’m threatened that they’re going to file new lawsuits against me to stay in jail and that’s the threat to me National SecurityMorales explained.

The reporter added that recently He was abused by the prison’s second person in charge of internal order During the search, he was taken out of his cell and thrown against a wall.He explained that at that time He was pushed and a month ago he was tortured Executed by the same officer. He said guards handcuffed him to bars for 12 hours and then left him in a prison corridor. not eating food.

On the other hand, political prisoners and Member of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) By Julio César Vega Santiesteban Las Mangas Prison, Gramabayanmo, lack of medical care and malnutrition of patients.Vega, living in Contramaestre, Province of Santiago de Cuba,References 11J political prisoners Jorge Yunier Ortiz Aguilera, epilepsy patient: “It’s painful to see him having seizures, he always has seizures and there’s no medicine to give him.” For The food they received, he said, was “a disaster.”

“We don’t consume carbs, vitamins or protein, which is criminal. So, About medicineyou can take anything here, Cold and feverin any case, it must buy medicine They do it in their own way because there are no such people in prison here,” he stressed.

other Political Prisoner Virgilio Mantilawarning of similar situations From Camagüey. He particularly decried the situation of a woman whose two children were imprisoned and were going through a very difficult time: “Her youngest son had fallen. July 11 Another person was arrested and had his leg amputated. Her son’s pass was suspended because he stood up after he accused guards of eating the chicken they were supposed to give him while another man was holding 9kg.she must get Medicines, because there are none in the prison Even for the pain,” he said in an audio broadcast by the Cuban Human Rights Observatory.

Mandila’s testimony About the food prisoners receive Echoing what other inmates said: “It was horrible,” he said. “What they gave us cannot be called food. What made us all sicker was this. The main courses were liquids, for example, Croquette pasta in waterlooks like jam, and ends up being flour or rice plus seasonings, which is what we have here.

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