If you are men, fear Gaza – Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Egyptian activist Wael Ghoneim launched an attack against Hamas leaders Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Meshaal.

The Palestinian cause

He said during a video clip he posted on his Facebook account: “You are coming from Istanbul on a flight to Cairo to defend the cause and its gains, and now you are in Cairo and near Gaza, and the Israeli occupation does not is concerned about entering and praising the steadfastness of the Palestinians.”

He continued: “Since you are the leaders of the Palestinian resistance, in Qatar you go through the media to greet the Palestinian people, and I, in turn, will help you secure the road to reach Gaza so that you can fight with the Palestinians against the Israeli aggression.”

Exchange people’s feelings

He added: “There is nothing easier than to exploit people’s feelings and put them in the current situation. If you were men, you would be afraid of Gaza,” asking: if the Messenger had attacked his family, would he have stayed in Qatar? Hamas leader? Is it manly to be present in Türkiye with your family? They get hit by missiles and finally you come out and say, “I salute the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.”

Millions of people are paying the price

He continued: “Millions of people are now paying the price, and it is not smart to strike your enemy, and after he uses brute force, seek help from others, because it is reasonable that this is his reaction because this is his approach and his way. to deal for 75 years.”


Then he said: “Would the messenger have been present in the hotel or in the trench, and would he have been present in the tunnels while citizens were being destroyed above them, or would he have made a statement about the destruction of a number of tanks?”

Iran and Hezbollah

He added: “I cannot understand the logic of these people who are capable of this mistake in the face of women who cry because they do not have enough food to feed their children. You will ask about these citizens. You do not know what you are “You have done to this people. You walked behind Iran and Hezbollah, who killed so many people. “The Sunnah, as if there were no scruples or religion, in the end they left you.”

He continued: “By God, you are the furthest from the approach of God and His Messenger.”

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