d4vd: Billie Eilish sent me

She didn’t spend herself personally: Billie Eilish let her record companies do it, those of Darkroom, the record label that contributed to the pop star’s boom and which, thanks to a d4vd cover of her “I love you” has decided to invest on the very young American singer-songwriter. In one way or another, in short, there’s a bit of Billie Eilish behind the success of the voice of “Here with me”which has been climbing the world rankings for weeks, collecting staggering figures. David Anthony Burkethis is the real name of the musician, class of 2005 (yes, he’s 17), managed to go from being the “next big thing” of US pop to the consecration with a single that also this week is confirmed stable in the

top 20 of the Weekly Top Songs GlobalSpotify’s weekly ranking of the most listened to songs worldwide, and which since its release – last September – has totaled 350 million total streams globally on the popular streaming platform.

D4vd came to music via i videogames. He became interested in writing and producing thanks to “Fortnite” fan-made videos on YouTube, which he himself at one point started creating: “You really have to meet expectations with those videos because people’s attention span it’s very low,” he said. An avid gamer, David reached over 50,000 subscribers to his gaming channel and soon ran into the problem and limitations deriving from the copyright of the songs that he decided to use in video montages. This motivated me to record your own home-made songs, thanks to BandLab, in your sister’s wardrobe, at his home in Houston, Texas. “The one place my DIY studio, which includes a phone and a couple of earphones, didn’t sound too bad. I do everything with the phone, I don’t mix anything. All my songs are full of imperfections”. When TikTok creators started using his tracks, she knew it was time to make a change in his career: those of the Darkroom did not miss such a pure and crystalline talent.

His lyrics, so universal, speak of unrequited love: perhaps this is also why he has achieved such vast success. The lyrics come from years of scribbling rap verses and poems pinned to the pages of his journals since childhood, while his versatile musical style and “real, down-to-earth” narrative draws primarily from the world of manga. fromindie-alternative to the poppassing through ther&b, with the singles he has released so far d4vd enjoyed not giving coordinates to the public. “Here with me” came after the smash hit”Romantic homicide”, Gold record in the United States – where it reached third place on Billboard’s Us Alternative – and in New Zealand, platinum record in Australia and Canada, silver record in the United Kingdom: today the single counts 473 million streams on Spotify alone.

Expected in Italy next summer for two shows, one scheduled on June 16 in Milan on the stage of Unaltrofestival, the other the 18 at Florence Rocksd4vd is now looking for set with “worthless”, a dynamic and anthemic song with a powerful bass and a refrain dominated by the sound of the guitar: “I wish d4vd was a genre in itself. I try to be as versatile as possible in the sounds I use and the way I convey my emotions – he says – I used to make songs that sounded absurd in headphones. Now I need to make songs that sound absurd live”.

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