Everyone makes their own choices, but I want my kids to be okay

Gerard Piqué speaks for the first time of the song of his ex-wife Shakira whose text, albeit without quoting it, refers to the betrayals and the end of their marriage. “Everyone makes the decisions that he thinks are appropriate, I just want my children to be okay.”

Gerard Pique until now he never talked about the revenge song of Shakira after the betrayal and the consequent end of the marriage if not through digs and indirect references. She did it for the first time today on the radio show El mon aired on RAC1: “I heard the song of course” commented the former footballer. His only thought today is addressed to his children: “We have to protect them.”

Piquè’s words on Shakira’s revenge song

“I heard the song. People have a responsibility, especially us parents, to try to protect our children”: Gerard Pique on RAC1 answered a question about Shakira’s song about cheating and ending marriage. The former footballer added that he did not want to judge the choice of his ex-wife, today he thinks only of the good for his children: “Everyone makes the decisions they feel are appropriate. And I don’t feel like talking about it. I just want my kids to be happy. I’ve always had a very close relationship with my kids and I want them to be involved in things that make them happy.”

The love story with Clara Chia Marti after Shakira

Despite the media storm that has unleashed a strong reaction in the 23-year-old model, the story between Gerard Pique and Clara Chia, the ex-footballer’s new partner who is mentioned in Shakira’s text through some comparisons. Although Piqué did not mention it during the last radio interview, on Instagram they appeared close and smiling in the last post published. On February 14, however, he told the new love story for the first time, suggesting that there is perfect harmony between them: “I go to the shops with her and she buys for me, I’m her puppet” he explained jokingly.

“You change a Ferrari for a Twingo”, Clara Chia responds to Shakira’s song against her and Piqué

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