Daft Punk Festive Evening | Republic of Montagnola

1994 – France. Two guys from the Parisian indie/alto scene release the first single of one of the electronic projects, which is destined to become a cult and an inspiration for thousands of musicians and producers. The French duo have succeeded in redefining the concept of electronics and club culture: from italo disco to nu rave, from electro to IDM, from rcbacknic to record French touch.

From the highly acclaimed debut album HOMEWORK to the iconic DISCOVERY (and the animated feature film INTERSTELLA 5555), from the controversial but prolific HUMAN AFTER ALL to the soundtrack to the upcoming blockbuster TRON: LEGAGIA. from the futuristic tour “ALIVE 2007” to “RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES”, their latest work, which in a few months broke all sales, downloads and streaming records.

The triumphant return is one of the milestones of the genre, which turns 10 this year. We will go through all milestones in Daft’s discography interspersed with the works of artists who inspired them, those they inspired (Justice, Soulwax, The Bloody Beetroots, Deadmau5, Skrillex), all the producer friends (Chemical Brothers, Mr Oizo, FatBoy Slim, Prodigy, Faithless) and collaborations. /remixes (Farrell, Animal Collective, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Franz Ferdinand, Julian Casablancas).

A real party night in honor of one of the most fruitful projects in history, able to create a sound universe beyond time and genres.

DJ set by Putano Hoffman
Lose yourself in the dance

The event is part of the Montagnola Republic overview: free, full of music, culture and entertainment.

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