Danna Paola shows up with oxygen mask to treat flu and bronchitis: ‘Life makes me miserable’

Singer Danna Paola worries her fans because she appears on social networks wearing an oxygen mask and assures that she has severe flu and bronchitis.

The Mexican singer and actress announced her health condition with numerous messages on social networks.

“The universe told me to stop now! Then he stopped me with the handbrake… Flu + Bronchitis is a tough life… living in pain, Breathing, walking, I am an orchestra, between coughing and crying… between taking medicine at home and eating a lot of food,” read Dana Paola’s message.

The Sodio translator mentioned that the only thing keeping her motivated is her upcoming projects.

“The excitement of what’s to come helps me motivate myself mentally and all of this helps me reanalyze and reassess the importance of health… without which there is nothing…” he explain.

However, she noted that the disease made her reflect on her work life and take care of her health: “We are nothing and sometimes work overwhelms me and I forget about myself… So it’s not right… It’s time to stop Come down, it’s time to stop. Time to take care of the temple, daddy shines,” the singer commented.

Dana shared a photo of all the medications she was taking, a thermometer, an oxygen mask and even a face mask, and everything she was using to heal herself.

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