Darkwing Duck: Return of the Duck Knight – Review

In the 90s, the world was shocked by the animated series: Darkwing Duck. Its success immediately led to the creation of a comic book series, which, however, did not receive the same support from the public. Despite this, the series remained in the memory of fans for a long time, so in 2010 Boom! Studios makes a deal with Disney to bring the Double D character back to the comic book world. Today we present you the first series of stories in this series, which is called: Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returnsnow also arrived in Italy thanks to Sandwiches in comics.

Too quiet city

The town of Saint-Canard has become incredibly quiet, moreover, it no longer needs ghosts. Darkwing Duck because now there is Quack works take care of the safety of the city. Works right here Drake Mallardthe secret identity of Double D, which is increasingly discouraged and disappointedcontinues his boring work. It seems that his entire army of enemies has disappeared, and now they too have been banned from Quackwerks. Despite this, Ocalina, Drake’s daughter, continues to convince her father to return as the horror that trembles in the night because she, like her father, knows it too something is wrong with what is happening in Saint Canard. However, Ocalina and Darkwing Duck are not the only ones moving in this direction, in fact even the old enemies of Double D are reuniting to return to threaten the now peaceful city streets.

Darkwing Duck in action before the arrival of the Quackworks.

Links and citations

Already from the name it is impossible not to notice that the new series refers to the mythical comics and mentions many others. Work done Jan Brill it is definitely interesting and combines the sacred monsters of American comics with a typical Disney vision. It is noted that even the author himself is a big fan of the animated series, immediately going to cure the great enemies of Double D. This is clearly not all, but we want readers to discover the rest.James Sylvani he is the designer of this series and we see what a huge impact his tables have, with the gods colors left deliberately retro to give an idea of ​​the 90s series. The comedic and action moments are well expressed in the typical Disney style that many of us have come to appreciate in the pages of the book. little mouse and other names.

Drake Mallard and his office life.

American response

character from the start Darkwing Duck seemed, at least to us Italians, to be the American answer to Donald Duck. It is impossible not to notice the similarities between them, but Saint Canard duck acquired its own personality in a very short time and kept us company all day after school. This series takes place after the end of the animated series and, thanks to the comic book revolution of the 90s, takes on its own very specific identity that goes beyond the parallelism mentioned above.

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