Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story 12: teaser reveals appearance

Will Delicate title of the twelfth season American Horror Story and it will feature an unrecognizable Kim Kardashian. The famous entrepreneur and influencer reveals herself in an unedited and disturbing version that looks like a modern interpretation Rosemary’s baby.

FX extension recently unveiled the first images American Horror Story: Delicacythe twelfth season of the acclaimed anthology series created by Ryan Murphy AND Brad Falchuk. The new chapter heralds various innovations on all fronts, from plot to cast, that will help the film’s debut. Kim Kardashian in the series. Famous businesswoman presented her image teaser trailersin which she shows herself along with her colleagues, Emma Roberts – return after becoming the main character of the ninth season, 1984 – AND Dear Delevingne.

Kim Kardashian at AHS
Kim Kardashian among the main characters of “American Horror Story: Delicate”, here she is in the teaser trailer (ANSA) — VelvetMag

The promotional video also provides a first glimpse of what the tenor of the novel-inspired new season could be like. delicate condition Daniel Valentine. In this sense, the following series represent a rethinking of the idea of ​​motherhood. redesigned in the key of horror. So, below is a recently released teaser with an unrecognizable Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian among the main characters American Horror Story: here she is in a disturbing teaser

New chapter and new story for American Horror Story, which is already in its twelfth season, with a lot of mysteries and characters. However, as fans of the series now know, there are gods in many seasons. links between them. And judging by the frames published in the teaser trailer, it cannot be ruled out that the next episodes will wink witches From coventhe third chapter of the show.

As it was said American Horror Story: Delicacy inspired by the novel delicate condition born from the pen of Daniel Valentine: The latter, in turn, is presented as an updated version Rosemary’s baby Ira Levin, from which the famous cult originated Roman Polanski. In fact, the story will revolve around a woman who is terrified at the thought of being tormented by a dark presence and who wants to terminate her pregnancy. In short, a return to more supernatural themes after the thriller – at least initially – of the previous season. American Horror Story: New York.

For this, Ryan Murphy will use an almost all-female cast consisting of Emma Robertsreturned after being defeated in the tenth and eleventh seasons and Dear Delevingne AND Kim Kardashian (both debuted in AHS extension).

american horror story kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian, here’s her look in American Horror Story: Delicate – VelvetMag

What to expect from reality queen V American Horror Story

The reality TV queen is unrecognizable and wears ghostly and mysterious lookintends to hold the child in her arms. Regarding his involvement, Ryan Murphy said: “Kim Kardashian one of the biggest and brightest television stars in the world, and we are thrilled to welcome her into the American Horror Story family. Emma and I are thrilled to partner with this true force in culture. Hallie Feiffer wrote fun, stylish and intimidating role of Kimand this season is as ambitious as all the previous ones“. The cast will also include Zachary Quinto, Mikaela Jae Rodriguez, Matt Zukri, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Odessa A’cyon, Debra Monk and Julie Monk.

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