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‘Mountain Bike’ testing for the Glasgow Super World Championships kicks off this Wednesday In the team relay, the group test, Switzerland won, while Spain failed to finish due to a breakdown by U-23 women’s Lucía Gómez, when the national team was in the top ten. On Thursday, XCO’s (XCO)’s Junior Test Cross Country (also known as rally), Olympic mountain bike event and senior short track; Friday is the turn of the Sub-23 class and Saturday is the turn of the Elite class. In the Women’s Classic, the rojigualda’s leader will be Rocío del Alba García. On the male side, David Valero will lead solid blocking to defend last year’s silver medal at Les Gets.

It wasn’t the best season for David Valero (1989, Barca), who suffered a setback in a very difficult Cape Epic The South African was sidelined for a month with mononucleosis. The Granada man has returned to fitness over the past two months to finish fifth at the European Championships After national titles in both short track speed skating and XCO, he turned his attention to the Sierra Nevada and set his sights on Glentress Forest, home of the Glasgow Super World Championship MTB.

Knowing his options in cross country, Valero opted not to compete in the team relay or short track, and he’s targeting the Queen. He was accompanied by three other Spaniards: Andalusian David Campos, Galician Pablo Rodriguez and Catalan Joffre Carrell. Ahead of them are rainbow jersey defending and ten-time world champion Nino Schulte and two road challengers: Briton Tom PidcockOlympic gold and bronze medals currently held in Les Gets; with Dutchman Mathieu van der Poelthe new World Road Champion, owner of the Cyclocross Rainbow and 2019 European XCO Champion. David Valero took Relevo on the phone before heading to Scotland.

Are you OK?

Best moment of my season. I think my physical condition is very good. The only doubt comes from the three weeks I haven’t raced. I’m really interested to see what level I’m at and how other guys are doing. But to be honest, I think I’m close to the perfect rhythm for the final stretch of World Cup and Olympic qualifiers on September 24th.

How is your preparation for the Glasgow Super World Cup?

I spent three weeks preparing in the Sierra Nevada, doing a lot of riding in relatively long tests, trying to lose weight for the second half of the season. Right now I weigh 75kg which is actually my optimal weight. I could lose another 500 grams…but now I want to stay here because I feel strong and that’s what I’ve been looking for: power to start the race.

Did you manage to turn yourself around after you retired after six stages in Cape Epic?

Yes, I feel the same way. At first we thought it was a simple stomach virus. However, we kept running tests and ruling out certain conditions until mononucleosis was found. I have never suffered like this. I think I brought her from Spain to South Africa. It’s a pity because I was well prepared for Cape Epic and the course was perfect for me. Anyway, now I feel fine and I have regained some regularity in my performance.

What can you expect from the Glasgow circuit?

I’ve never raced at Glentree Forest before. From what I’ve seen in some videos, the terrain is fairly tight, which is good so it doesn’t get muddy in the rain. Once I arrive in Scotland I will be able to get to know him better and share impressions with my colleagues. However, I’d rather wait until Saturday to race to keep my strength intact.

You won the silver medal at the 2022 World Championships in Les Gets. What options do you see in Scotland?

I don’t know how to evaluate it, because in the World Cup we are very equal: the podium race distance is only 30 inches. I can lead or not lead. My goal is to be in the top 10 and logically I want to be involved in the rainbow jersey fight.

Are Tom Pidcock and Mathieu van der Poel a threat?

They don’t worry me too much because they haven’t gained much points in the MTB standings all season due to concentrating on other ways, so they won’t do well on the grid. They are the favourites, because anything can happen in a day of testing, but depending on the track, they will struggle to reach the lead.

Do you like this Super World Cup system?

I think it’s a good move to give more power to subsequent less bike events. Plus, it’s been a very intense and fun week for the audience. Yes, this does make for a slightly less caffeinated calendar for the rest of the season.

Bazaar, how is the bike school you started in town? How is your competition going this year?

very good! Now we have about a hundred kids registered. Some have already done some interesting things at national level: Miguel Maestra, for example, finished seventh in the Spanish youth championship; Adriana Redondo ) stand out at the Andalusian level. But the bottom line is that everyone, those who achieve results and those who don’t, loves to ride a bike. As for the competition, this year we included it in the Massey Super Cup; we hope to continue to do so next year. During the last municipal election, the colors of the city council changed, but fortunately, the new sports councilor told me that he is interested in continuing to support us.

fran reyes

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