Deadly accident after funeral, 12-year-old child dies in car: parents and very serious siblings

The Passon family was returning from a funeral in Wisconsin to Minnesota when the pickup truck they were traveling in was hit by a car driven by an 18-year-old rookie driver.

The Passon family

The Passon family

He was returning from funeral when the car in which he traveled with the whole family, crashed against another car. 12 years Jocelyn Passon so she died last Friday, August 4, returning from Wisconsin in Minnesota.

The driver of the other car also died: this is 18 year old novice driver. The father of a very young victim was also seriously injured, Stephen Passon40 years old, his wife, 36 years old Jessica Passonand the other son Drake from 8 years old.

The dramatic accident happened around 2:40 pm. A family from Waseka, Minnesota, was heading west on Highway 10 in northwestern Pepin County when pickup on which he traveled front centered from the Pontiac Grand Prix, according to the local county sheriff’s office.

In a tragic accident on a provincial road, Benedetta died at the age of 13, thrown out of her mother’s car.

The first to intervene was a bystander who, with the help of three other people, attempted to remove the passengers from the vehicles involved. Even Jessica, the victim’s mother, would have contributed.

In addition to Jocelyn, the little girl’s father suffered the most. serious injury in his legs and he will have several operations. Another driver, eighteen Ethan WhitwamDuran, Wisconsin, died at the scene, as did the 12-year-old herself.

Pickup truck (Silverado) caught fire after the collision. The mother, Jessica, who was treated and released from the hospital on Friday, managed to pull both sons out of the burning car, while passers-by stopped and managed to pull Steven out of the car from the front seat.

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