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When it comes to Ryan Reynoldsand in particular, Deadpool 3we never know what to expect. Indeed, the interpreter of the mutilated and foul-mouthed mercenary has accustomed us to sensational surprises: most recently, the return Wolverine interpreted Hugh Jackman, convinced to give up his resignation to re-propose the sinewy adamantium-clawed hero. But the headshots may not have ended there. It seems, in fact, as reported Comic Moviesthat none other than Ben Affleck. The news, clearly far from verification and official publication, for various reasons, will have unprecedented consequences.

In fact, we know that Ben Affleck was already part of the Marvel Universe, as the interpreter of the ill-fated movie. daredevil 2003: there the actor played a blind executioner, but then found himself in the center of a serial reboot in the Netflix series with a face Charlie Coxwho will play a role in the new Disney+ production Daredevil: Reborn. So how do you explain Affleck’s return as a superhero who is currently Marvel Cinematic Universe does he have a different face? Not only that: the most famous role that Jennifer Lopez’s husband has been associated with in recent years is the role Batmanhence the DC superhero: we saw him – probably the last time – in the movie Flash just released in theaters. It is all the more unlikely that he can participate in these guises, especially when rumors of possible Marvel-DC crossovers always completely unfounded results.

Of course, Reynolds’ approach to the continuity and coherence of the Marvel timelines has always been nothing but bullshit: in the last film, for example, we saw the return of several X-Men original films, as well as time travel and other tricks that allow you to change the plot to suit your most egregious needs. Is it the same with Ben Affleck? This will soon become known, but in recent months other strange rumors have been circulating, for example, about the participation of Channing Tatum and Taylor Kitsch as Gambit (both actors were supposed to play a mutant in solo projects at some point). Curiosity is on the rise anyway, and Deadpool 3 is expected in theaters in September 2024.

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