Dealer ‘laughs’ at restrictions on buying Costco cakes with this trick

A few days ago, social network users announced, Costco Will limit purchases of pies and pastries at its stores.

This sparked debate about the limitations the chain imposed on the blockchain. The number of dealers increased.

Some saw it as a measure to stop the “nenis” from working, while others were in favor; well, they condemned someone for selling the dessert for twice the original price.

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It should be noted that purchasing at Costco requires membership You can buy it in store. Costs depend on benefits.

According to information on its official website, the price of Gold Membership and Business Membership is 500 pesos, while the price of Executive Gold Membership and Executive Business Membership is 1,100 Pesos.

For the controversy, someone found a way to get unlimited access to the dessert and keep selling it.

In his video, he recommends having multiple Costco memberships to be able to shop at different stores: “I have 2 memberships, and I want 10, which is 5 each,” he says.

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A user on the platform who calls herself Fernanda also gives advice on how to start a business on a low budget and teaches how to sell strawberries with cream.

More than 800,000 fans showed their support and appreciation at the event Comment: “She made strawberries with cream pop again”, “Hello friend, thank you, I was inspired to start selling strawberries with cake and cream, omg, this Saturday will be my first day of selling”, “I’m so happy See you come too far”, “Now you can put another branch. There is place besides position” and so on.

It is worth mentioning that Labor informality of merchants According to Data México, in the first quarter of 2023, this proportion will reach 71.7% of enterprises.

The states with the highest rates of labor informality are Mexico City (84.7%), Oaxaca (84.2%) and Guerrero (83.5%).

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