Neighbors demand removal of rubble in Oreira – Zócalo Newspaper

Muzquez, Koa. – Neighbors, who demonstrated in front of Aurora Winery staff, demanded swift action to remove the rubble, a request they made to health prefecture chief David Murthy, who is working very Take action hard. Take your cleaning work slowly.

In response, they tagged the head of the health jurisdiction via social networks and issued instructions to health regulators that once the Civil Defense has granted access to the interior of the property, they will verify and give instructions accordingly to those responsible for the aforementioned problems. final destination of the product.

In a message to Dr. David Mussi, they told him that within 300 meters of the Bodega Aurrerá fire, merchants, children and the elderly were affected due to the smell of decay from damaged buildings.

They let you know that since the day the fire started they were exposed to tires, paint, batteries and They suffered from headaches, nausea, and even gastritis because of the very strong noxious smell they were exposed to, and they never evacuated from the area in the early morning.

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