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Gossip summer 2023 brings us a couple that seems to have come out of one of his films: Tim Burton and Monica Bellucci team up in a gothic love that has everyone dumbfounded. While the world is wondering if this is a sentimental masterpiece or a cinematic extravaganza, we learn that the director wants to play the beloved in the Beetlejuice sequel. But in your heart you involuntarily think: what happened to Helena Bonham Carter?

St.ignores and gentlemen, gossip summer 2023 starts with nuclear news: Monica Belluccistunning silver screen icon with a dramatic look and Tim Burton, a talented monster director and movie legend are a couple. It’s not just a date, it’s a real relationship. This news was confirmed by Monica herself, during an interview with Elle France, in which she spoke about her an affair with a California director. “What can I say… I am happy that I met this man. This is one of those meetings that rarely happen in life. I know what kind of person this is and I love him. Now I recognize him as a director as well. starts. I love him and have a lot of respect for Tim Burton.” Simply put, it leaves no room for doubt. And if you hoped otherwise (as I hoped), that is, that their relationship remained purely sentimental, then know that soon they will work together.

St.Yes, you understood correctly. Monica Bellucci, an actress known to everyone except for her sharp acting skills, will be directed by Tim Burton, who for the first time has to demonstrate that he can do what few are capable of: do a beautiful statue act marble. And he won’t be in any movie, no. Tim decided to shoot her in the sequel to Beetlejuice. Yes, you read it correctly. No, this is not a mistake. Would you like it to be? Certainly. It’s a joke? Never. From Winona Ryder to Monica Bellucci the move was short, unexpected, and hopefully not too dramatic. But I wonder if this is really necessary? Tim, my dear friend, are you sure of your choice? To prove your love, wouldn’t a €23 million handmade ring by some Danish slave be enough? Do you really need to throw us fans into dismay who have seen this cinematic gem that you have created at least once a year since 1988? Why are you doing it? Also, I acknowledge that you may surprise us all, Tim, but it’s not good to bring us down to this state of tension, doubt, and uncertainty. I’m guessing your fiancée doesn’t qualify? Yes, I admit that I have this (legitimate) concern.

mI say, why not Elena? Helena Bonham Carter she is an extraordinary actress, her image of Ophelia in Zeffirelli’s Hamlet has become legendary in the history of cinema. Your ex has proven she can bring the dead back to life every time she takes the stage and performs. Why do your feelings rule out a genius like her from the sequel we’ve all been waiting for over thirty years? But first of all, what happened to him? She retired to her gothic castle? Have you decided to walk among the graves instead of shining on the big screen? Maybe she found a new love in the armrest of a creepy rocking chair? We don’t know, but one thing is certain: this news has left a bitter aftertaste in all of us, like a cappuccino without foam or a Tim Burton movie without Johnny Depp. So, dear Tim, we ask you from the bottom of our hearts: do not extinguish the light of Burton’s magic that has fascinated us for so many years. And we wish Monica Bellucci not to end up like a beautiful plaster statue in a Tim Burton film, but always find roles that allow you to show all your talent and beauty without limit.

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