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Baywatch’s version of Kayla Simmons: The world’s sexiest female volleyball player is inspired by Pamela Anderson. Fans can’t believe their eyes

The sexiest volleyball player in the world continues to amaze. And this time he does it by trying to emulate one of the most memorable icons of the 90s, early 2000s: Pamela Anderson. The brakeless Kayla Simmons we’ve seen in the last few days may now be over the top. Definitely just the right size, it wasn’t the suit that showed off and reminded Baywatch.

Kayla Simmons (Instagram)

Impossible, yes, it was the right size, because otherwise there would be no obvious risk of a sensational spill that would literally send his fans to a lunatic asylum. In truth, someone understood us very little from the comments that were and that accompanied his post. Video of her playing with her hair surrounded by a red suit identical to Anderson’s on the show we all remember. This video of her running on the beach was an image that many people still have in their heads today. And frankly, given the beauty, it’s really hard to blame.

Kayla Simmons video sends fans to shelter

We said it was a very short video, one of those quick videos that are very often made on purpose to get attention. A very successful volleyball player who has generated comments in a very short time. And many did not really miss the opportunity to remember that she is very, very similar to Anderson.

Kayla is no stranger to these outings: she recently literally made her fans drool when she posed for a photo in a sauna where a much smaller top was in plain sight than what her shape needed. Yes, to be honest, the peak was barely visible, but something else stood out. Come on, we’ve almost gotten used to all this, but every time it’s almost heartbreaking. Especially when he starts remembering those past years and when the memories surface. Do you want to see this video? Here you are served, you can find it below.

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