Dedication Strength after the summer with Flavio Briatore

This summer photos of Leni Klum on vacation between Monte Carlo and Italy with Flavio Briatore and his brother Nathan Falco attracted the attention of international media, and not only with the undeniable beauty of Heidi Klum’s eldest daughter. To hold judgment relationship discovered between a 19 year old girl and her biological father after years of cold and distance. A closeness that didn’t affect the special bond between Leni Klum and her “dad”, as she calls him on social media, the singer Seal which formally adopted it in 2009.

“In New York with a young woman who changed my life for the better 19 years ago. Thank you Leni for making me a better person,” Seal wrote on Instagram, posting a photo with his daughter taken on the streets of the Big Apple. “I love you, your dad.” A father-daughter reunion in New York during a 39-day break from the four-time Grammy-winning R&B singer and interior design student at New York College on a 39-day tour while her modeling career is taking off.

“How cute, I love you dad,” commented the 19-year-old girl. holding back happiness. A slide proving the strength of the bond between father and daughter, born while Leni was still in Heidi Klum’s mother’s belly. Seal, born Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel, began dating the German model right after the end of her affair with Flavio Briatore and they became a couple when she discovered she was pregnant.

The English singer of Nigerian and Brazilian descent happily accepted his partner’s pregnancy, accepting the little girl into his life unconditionally (Briatore did not recognize the child, questioning her paternity). Ed). In 2009, four years after marrying Heidi on a beach in Mexico. Seal officially adopted Leni (née Leni Olumi Klum Samuel), thus giving her the same last name as her three brothers Henry Günther Ademol Dashtu, 18, Johan Riley Fedor Taiwo, 16, and Lou Sulola, 13. Even after the divorce, a close-knit family is registered between Seal and Klum. in 2012 (as of 2019, Heidi is married to Tom Cowlies).

“I, Heidi and Seal calmly agreed that it was wiser for him to adopt her, because the child should grow up in a family,” Briatore admitted to the publication. Corriere della Sera. “I love Leni and am very proud of her. She is not only beautiful, but also strong and independent, enthusiastic about life, even if I have no merit in this, and I am grateful to Heidi for raising her. Our friend’s problem is distance, because he lives in Los Angeles. Seal was the real father who raised her, and I have a good relationship with him, ”the 73-year-old entrepreneur explained. Republic, “I don’t have such a day-to-day relationship with her as with Falco, this is logical. But that doesn’t mean I love her less.”

In 2018, the first rapprochement took place between Leni and her biological father, who every year became more and more insistent. This summer, the 19-year-old was a guest on the Briatore yacht with her brother Nathan Falco, which was immediately reported on social networks. “See you soon Leni,” the former F1 team manager wrote on Instagram, sacking his daughter and laying out on paper his intentions to make up for lost time and never get lost again.

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