Delegation plans to update museum advisory committee to be open to civil society “across ideological differences”

Rafa Dominguez, Vice-President of the Provincial Delegation of Pontevedra and Director of the Provincial Museum, has approved the resignation of all members of the Museum Institutional Advisory Committee and has also officially registered it.

Renewal of Pontevedra Museum Advisory Committee, Vice President Says This measure “is part of the roteiro policy we have established to open the entity to civil society, without ideological differences.”

The political representative of the Pontevedra Museum stated that the current composition of the Advisory Committee, of which you are the current members, ended in December. “They were nominated by the previous administration of PSOE and BNG and were nominated as their directors.”

Dominguez emphasized the “fundamental role” that this consultative and advisory body must play in matters related to the direction and management of the Pontevedra Museum thank you for the work you do ata o de agora Polish seus member.

Rafa Domínguez noted that the new advisory board will serve as our framework as new non-museum or normal management teams join “Normal update procedure when political changes occur.”

Additionally, the provincial government announced that it has been working on the new base for weeks “Transparent and fair” selection of two future advisory board members According to xerais, the organization will be made up of “experts from various disciplines” related to culture, heritage and the arts, with priority given to including representatives of the local community of Pontevedra and “people with outstanding commitment to the promotion and protection of cultural heritage “. Urban cultural heritage”.

It also plans to include “emerging talent in the field of culture and heritage” and seek gender balance in its composition “to ensure equal representation of men and women”.

Finally, the Vice President explained that in addition to renewing its membership, the advisory board’s responsibilities will also be reformulated as ““Strengthening the work of the organization and opening the museum to civil society, regardless of ideology.” Including “new members with different approaches and fresh and diverse perspectives enriches discussions and decision-making”, for which there are also plans to increase the frequency of meetings.

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