There are top 10 one-hit wonders every time

Does this music give you a lot of nostalgia and you realize that someone could sing a whole song but you don’t even know you’re an artist? They are famous one-hit wondersOU “the wonders of music alone”.

The term was created by US music industry executives over a period of 80 years, with many new bands and singers appearing at the top of the parade, but without achieving a repeat of this feat, the business never got off the ground. from career.

It is clear that I also know Brazil, eh. TMDKA! We’ve selected the 10 best examples of one-hit wonders from nations and gringos with great music and we ask ourselves: what do you think about being an artist?

The ranking goes from 10th to 1st position and includes such national names as Sidinho and Doka AND Oh SurtoAmericans like Survivors AND Khubastank and até alemães como Lou Bega. Confirm abaiho!

10Lou Bega – “Mambo No. 5”

First curiosity develops Lou Bega The fact is that he is the son of an Italian and a Ugandan father, and his only big musical success was sampling a song of Cuban origin in 1949. Perez Pradoconsiderado or “Rey do Mambo”.

Here I need to add a letter dedicated to Monica, Erica, Rita and other women and run for a hug. The music was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1999.

9Daniel Power – “Bad Day”

Something very common among one-hit wonders who are often confused with other, more consolidated singers. Many people think that the 2005 song “Bad Day” was written Robbie Williamsbut this is the second album Daniel Power. The Canadian continues to be active today, having released five albums in the catalog, which were the last in 2018.

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84 non-blonds – “What happened”

In any case, the only success is the right reason. Women’s ensemble led by Linda Perry and you throw the disc, oh Bigger, Better, Faster, More! de 1992. O trabalho do 4. Not blondes You have four singles, the latest of which, “What’s Up,” took radio and world radio by storm. The San Francisco band broke up two years later.

7Survivor – “Eye of the Tiger”

OR Survivors This is a big band, active over a 45 year career and respected as hard rock. But it became a hit only when we wrote “Eye of the Tiger” on its theme. “Rocky III”directed and stretched Sylvester Stallone in 1982. Not at all, before the band’s second major, music had almost 1 billboard with reproductions.

6Chumbawamba – “Tubthump”

History makes Chumbawamba It’s so unusual: the band recorded “Tubthumping”, their only worldwide hit, in 1997, and it was the trill of the game. 1998 FIFA World Cup.. That’s because they’re a punk anarchist band that wants to play their favorite records. Let’s continue in 2012.

5Sidinho and Doca – “Rap da Felicidade”

We’re not in the top five, and this is where the Brussels are going to stand out. The song from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, or “Rap da Felicidade”, became a success in 1994 along with the music “Rap das Armas”, which the duo popularized. Sidinho and Doka as it is written, it’s true MC Junior and MC Leonardo.

“Rap da Felicidade”, this song by Sidinho and Doki, was often popular in the imagination when it was written. Elite trope2007 film. It is followed by a double.

4O Surto – “A Sera”

Once again the author of a one-hit wonder is confused, since when did this happen? Reges Bolo AND Oh Surto launched “A Cera” in 2000, bands like Charlie Brown Jr. AND Raimundos we dominated national rock and did it because we were associated with it. The band were at the peak of rock in Rio 2001, but we follow them in April this year with Reges Faleseu.

3Khubastank – “Reason”

The bronze medal goes to one of the most notable alternative rock songs of the 2000s, with its emotional reflection and iconic video airing on MTV Brazil.

OR Khubastank you’re ready to end a 30-year career, having released seven albums and sold over 10 million copies, but repeat the success “Cause” It will be very difficult, it will be a pain, because at the end of the day, you have made the best thing in your catalogue.

2Natalie Imbruglia – “Torn”

The Australian artist has been known as an actress for 48 years, since 1997. Natalie Imbruglia Fez uma das majores covers of all things os tempos com “Torn”released four years earlier by an American group Ednaswap.

The disk that is considered a fill is called Left of the middle, now we will sell seven thousand copies, as many as five subsequent Imbruglia albums we will sell three thousand copies each. The last one Firebird2021.

1New Radicals: “You get what you give”

OR New radicals It is possible that you are just launching a record, but it has only been active for two years. Mas, neske case, or vocalist Greg Alexander continues to be an important name in the market as a composer, having one of the top three hits as “Game of Love” de Santana AND “Lost Stars” de Adam Levine.

The only success that burdened his own band was Sunny “You get what you give”1998, which has already been called “the best music you’ve never written” by names such as U2 AND Joni Mitchell. I think the new radicals have taken over their paper on this earth, don’t they?

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