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We see less cooperation between us De’Longhi th Brad Pitt! It was in 2021 that a manufacturer of home coffee machines entered into a contract with the actor. Damien Chazelledirector of the Oscar-winning film La La Land for his most ambitious campaign to date.

For two years now, Pitt has been starring in the second chapter of De’Longhi’s global campaign for 2023 and presents Rivelia, the latest innovation from the leading Italian brand in the world of coffee machines.

With this new promotional offer, De’Longhi seeks to delve even deeper into the brand’s identity by communicating to the public the goal of creating a European environment to further understand the De’Longhi philosophy and its promise of authenticity. The new narrative revolves around the essential paper that makes the café part of our daily lives, so much so that we enjoy it from the comfort of our home, amidst the spectacular landscapes of the Mediterranean.

The pursuit of excellence in creating the perfect cup of coffee, the exploration of multiple varieties of fresh beans and the human connections that arise from this dedication: these are the elements of a new narrative that leads to the emergence of a brand ambassador. enjoy a perfectly prepared cup of coffee using De’Longhi’s latest innovation: the new Rivelia super-automatic coffee maker. The video ends with the iconic slogan “Perfect.”

De’Longhi He also collaborated with a talented team of talent: director Bennett Miller, director of photography Greig Fraser, composer Justin Hurwitz and photographer Lachlan Bailey. They all contributed to creating an impressive yet authentic cinematic experience for audiences.

Campaign carried out creative agency M&C Saatchiit will be distributed through a variety of communications, including special announcements, as well as content that will be posted on social media, POP and digital channels.

With this move, De’Longhi intends to surpass the results obtained in the first season of this campaign. An early and successful phase that led to displays, points of sale and digital platforms around the world, resulting in exceptional results: 240 million people made purchases, +30% awareness, a +4pp increase in the market price of coffee and a 94% increase in social conversations.

“This new chapter in De’Longhi’s global communications fills us with enthusiasm and optimism for the future of the brand. The language of authenticity, of a genuine experience, is most often evident: it is evident in the chosen locations for the campaign, the drinks prepared by our coffee machines, including the actors-protagonists known locally, to maintain the “taste”, both literally and figuratively, of our erence,” he declares. Zeno Adami, Global Brand Director, De’Longhi Group.


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