Opinion of Francisco Correal

He bought her a wonderful book. It is called “La ciudad sin imágenes” (La Caja Books/Bastadilla). By Juan Gallego Benot (Seville, 1997), I am surrounded by a cloud of friends, family members and (these are compatible concepts) readers who have seen it or read the … Read more

Angelina Jolie slams ‘biased’ judge in Brad Pitt’s custody case and calls on Gov. Gavin Newsom to require judges to undergo domestic violence training

Mackenzie Tatananni for Dailymail.Com 18:16 04 Oct 2023, updated 18:28 04 Oct 2023 “Mister. The actress and Mrs. Smith have been fighting for custody of their children for years The judge overseeing the case was removed from office after failing to disclose a business relationship … Read more

Brad Pitt shows off his chiseled good looks as he stars in a commercial for his new De’Longhi espresso machine, filmed in France.

Brad Pitt appeared in De’Longa’s latest commercial, released earlier this week. The 59-year-old Hollywood hunk, whose ex-wife Jennifer Aniston shines in a new CR Fashion Book spread, showed off his dashing looks in the picturesque countryside, which was filmed in France. The brand posted the … Read more

Angelina Jolie pioneered domestic violence law

Angelina Jolie contributed greatly to the Domestic Violence Act, which was just signed into law by California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and which gives victims of abuse easier access to “the evidence they need to try to get court-ordered remedies.” The new bill has long been … Read more

Most searched young celebs on Google in 2023

The children of stars, in spite of themselves, always make news. And they are among the most searched people on search engines. So much so that marketing specialists from a Canadian brand (specializing in children’s clothing) conducted a study by listing One of the most … Read more