the first shots of the film about F1. And the blond actor gets out of Sonny Hayes’ car.

Monza, September 1, 2023 – This is Monzallywood Speedway. The Formula 1 weekend in Monza has begun, an event that this year starts in a special way. Full of anticipation from the Ferrari fans in their home race as always, but this time distracted Another main character is the American “pilot” Sonny Hayes with the face of Brad Pitt. The attention of the race track is divided between single-seat riders and racers, as well as a special Hollywood team that installed the Apex Gp team’s white-black-and-gold box along the pit lane and made it The Brianza circuit is a set for filming.

Apple Studios cameras and crew have their workspace – armored and shielded from prying eyes – in the area of ​​the old circuit garages, and when the track is not busy with rehearsals, they use the track and background offered by the Formula 1 circus for shooting a film about the world of car racing Starring Brad Pitt. And he’s a real superstar of the weekend, and even if he hasn’t been seen in Monza yet, there are those who are willing to bet that he will come and that Sonny Hayes-Brad Pitt will not fail to ride on the track. Temple of Speed.

meanwhile eat it understudy: There was a shooting on Friday morning and Sonny Hayes’ number 7 black and gold car drove down the track, but when it got back to the garage it was dumped a blond actor, but not Brad Pitt. But this is only the first day, and in racing, as in the movies, anything can happen until the last lap on Sunday.

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