“Delusa”, new single from Youngod feat. Nali

MUSIC – “Delusa”, new single by Youngod feat. Nali

Youngod, born Paolo Messina, releases a new single “DELUSA” featuring Nali (Digital Noises label / Artist First distribution), written by Youngod and Alessandro Monica with production by Emanuele Sciascia, available from Friday, October 13th on radio and digital stores . . The follow-up to previous release “Nah,” the song marks a new path of evolution and rebirth with a pop-rock-leaning sound.

The song, Youngod explains, is about a painful romantic relationship. Two stunning and passionate souls living a restless and restless love.”

Youngod and music: In my life, I have had to overcome difficult situations that forced me to grow very quickly. I have been working since I was 16 because I never felt comfortable at school, but I still like to be a cultured person as I am a very curious boy and I always like to learn and discover something new. Since childhood, my life has always been accompanied by music, initially this love was passed on to me by my family, as well as my uncle and aunt, who surrounded me and my cousins ​​with their music. When I started listening to music on my own, and not just what my family was listening to, I discovered my idol, Chris Brown; his music inspired me a lot, and this is where my real passion was born, this is where I realized that I wanted to make a living from this, music. I get through this by putting a lot of effort into my days, making music and maybe playing a few games of basketball, my favorite sport. Little by little, I am able to fully recover thanks to music, my family and those around me.”

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