Demi Lovato makes her directorial debut with a documentary about young stars

Having risen to popularity as a young girl, Demi Lovato is preparing for her directorial debut, helming a documentary that explores the lives of young stars, including her own.

Who better than Demi Lovato directing a documentary about young stars of the entertainment world? Having been a very young star herself, she will soon mark her directorial debut appearing in a new project tentatively titled Child Star and streaming stateside on Hulu. This being a first time behind the camera, Demi Lovato will flank Nicholas Marsh directing.

Demi Lovato to direct Child Star, a documentary about the lives of young stars

This is a particularly important project for Demi Lovato, through which they will deconstruct the ups and downs of the lives of young stars who grew up under the spotlight. After all, even Demi Lovato has tasted the price of her fame on her own skin, which became famous thanks to her first experiences as Disney starlet. Through this documentary, we will tell how the stars reached their first popularity at a young age and how they processed all that fame, starting from the first moments of glory, and how that path then influenced their future. The aim of the documentary is to explore the ups and downs of a life that appears extremely fortunate and bright on the outside, but which is instead made up of both triumphs and painful obstacles. As it reports Colliders, thanks to Child Star we will explore the impact of fame on the lives of artists, what it was like to grow up with the spotlight on us and how this defined the trajectory of one’s life: was it an incentive to continue on that path or a bell alarm to escape as far as possible? At the moment, very little is known about the project in question. After all, Child Star is the provisional title assigned to the documentary and, in addition to Demi Lovato, we do not know the identity of the stars involved. Meanwhile, the first-time director said:

There is no better film or subject for my directorial debut than this story, which feels so personal. Our project sheds light on important messages about how to grow up in the public eye, learn to protect our borders and become active advocates of our destinies. I am honored to be able to learn from people who have lived through the united experience of childhood celebrity and to share their stories in our film.

Demi Lovato was a Disney Channel rising star — who could forget her melodious voice in Camp Rock together with Jonas Brothers? The new documentary in which he appears as co-director should arrive in 2024 on Hulu (so maybe in Italy on Disney+). Child Star is produced by OBB Pictures and Demi Lovato is also an executive producer.

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