Demi Moore with a bump: scandalous photo of 1991

A nude and pregnant photograph of Demi Moore that appeared on the cover of the August issue of Vanity Fair in 1991 is now considered one of the most most memorable footage shown in a famous magazine, but in the nineties caused a shockastonishment and great disgust.

The shot was gutted, examined, criticized and even praised. Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown described Moore as “a new young movie star ready to say ‘I’m beautiful pregnant’ and not ashamed.” But the reaction around the world was visceral.

Many people simply could not understand how this happens. intersection of pregnancy and sensuality really could exist and be accepted. Some shops refused to sell the magazine; others were hidden by Moore in packaging usually reserved for pornographic merchandise.

Direct comments from that time clearly show what the first thought of those who saw the cover was. “How will your children feel about this when they are old enough to understand?” someone asked. “It’s disgusting. Women are more beautiful when pregnant, but in the face!” said the other.

However, paradoxically, this number broke the sales record. With this cover, Vanity Fair gained 75,000 new subscribers and sold 500,000 more issues than expected. All this fuss remained indifferent to Liebowitz, who later remarked: “This is the cover of a magazine. If it had been a good portrait, she would not have covered her breasts. Demi Moore told the Houston Chronicle in 1992 that filming made her “feel glamorous and beautiful and more beautiful.” free about my body“”.

This photo may have seemed bold and controversial at the time, but this single photo session radically changed the idea of ​​what it means to be a pregnant woman. Prior to Moore-Leibovitz vaccinations, pregnant women were required to hide, act more modestly, and sacrificed their sexuality for the sake of offspring.

However, in recent years, the number of famous women who have been photographed naked during pregnancy (from Britney Spears to Kourtney Kardashian) has grown exponentially and today it is normal. What’s more, thanks to the advent of social media, they often post pictures themselves right on their official profiles.

Moore’s example encouraged women to maintain self-respect on the path to motherhood that had been taboo for generations. She and Leibovitz, for better or worse, accidentally spawned an entirely new industry: the world of photography.”Boudoir for pregnant women“.

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