Depression does not cause cancer

It seems to be a matter of course. People with chronic anxiety or depression have a higher risk of certain types of cancer. The adage seems to be accepted socially, but its immediate relevance is less understood from a medical point of view, however, it still seems to be relevant. This passive state of constant inflammation in the body may be the reason, but I maintain that no one has proven it so far.

People with poorly controlled depression or anxiety who don’t eat right, They don’t rest well and don’t even take their medicines for their usual ailments. This may be another reason why cancer is associated with depression.Thanks for an article recently published in the magazine cancer, finally shed light on the problem. They surveyed thousands of people from different countries, assessing their diseases and interventions, family life, long-term treatment for any pathology, and other variables.

They also assessed the association between depression or anxiety and the likelihood of developing cancer in future years.they think Shows those who have experienced stressful and negative events in their lives: Separation, unemployment, or death of a loved one (especially a child). The conclusions were overwhelming: There was no relationship between having depression and/or anxiety and having cancer (colon, breast or prostate).

yes checked Relationship between anxiety and depression and specific types of cancer (lung cancer or tobacco-related cancers). A higher proportion of people suffering from anxiety or depression than the general population are smokers. This must be the cause, not the depression itself, but the behavior associated with it, such as smoking or drinking too much.

exercise and cancer

Also new research reveals important Link between regular physical activity and other diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease. We all know the benefits of exercise:

– it makes it difficult to store fat, promote its mobilizationto lose weight.

-better one Coping with stress by reducing catecholamines such as adrenaline. This will indirectly lower blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate.

-Increase the metabolism of the kidneys and liver, purify the body of all toxins and wastes such as free radicals, They are first responsible for generating mutations in healthy cells and turning them into tumor cells.

– Blood clots are less likely to form in the arteries. Arterial tone is greater than in sedentary patients. In addition, the risk of developing atherosclerotic plaques and eventually blood clots is also reduced due to a reduction in “bad” cholesterol and an increase in “good” cholesterol.

– enhance immunity, Reduce the occurrence of colds and infectionsEspecially the respiratory tract.

-Improve peripheral circulation.

– Increase HDL and drop Low-density lipoprotein. HDL is the “good” cholesterol that can reduce the incidence of heart attack, stroke or blood clots in the brain..he Low-density lipoprotein It’s the “bad” cholesterol that causes hardening of the arteries and the buildup of atherosclerotic plaque on the walls of your arteries, especially the coronary arteries.

-Increases peristalsis and reduces the possibility of constipation.

– Reduced heart rate during rest and exercise. bigger heart :pYou will be able to push more blood per beat. The stronger the heart: the more powerfully it can push the blood. Less heart fat: more efficient with every beat.

– Improves venous return (prevention of varicose veins). The vein walls become stronger and harder, which prevents the veins from dilating and causing varicose veins.. A number of authors have determined that 65-year-olds who exercise daily have greater physical strength and lung capacity than 45-year-olds who do not engage in any physical activity.

We’re talking about delaying many variables of aging by almost 20 years, it’s up to each individual, yes.

Recommendations of the Spanish Anticancer Association:

-do not smoke. Do not smoke tobacco of any kind. Make your home and workplace smoke-free.

-Weight control. Live an Active Life And limit the amount of time you sit. Eat a healthy diet rich in grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits. Cut back on foods high in calories, sugar, and fat, and sugary drinks. Avoid processed meat and limit intake of red meat and foods high in salt. If you drink alcohol, cut down on it. The World Health Organization even advises against consuming alcoholic beverages of any kind.

– Pay attention to sun protection, especially for children. use sunscreen And don’t use solar huts.

– Protect yourself from carcinogens at work. check radiation levels Radon gas in your home.

– For women: Breastfeeding reduces breast cancer risk. Hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of certain types of cancer.

– vaccinate your child Fighting Hepatitis B and Papillomavirus Human (for girls).

– Check for colon cancer (in both men and women), especially if you have a family history of colon cancer or polyps.orRegular blood tests and, in dangerous cases, colonoscopies can be very useful.

– about breast cancer (women) and cervical cancer (women), 35-40 years old must go to gynecological examination regularly If there is a family history of such tumors, or before. In some cases, genetic studies are even recommended to assess the possibility of being a carrier of a gene associated with a breast tumor.

– For early detection of prostate cancer, Simple analysis to examine PSA is key early discovery.

please remember Preventive medicine is the most effective and saves the most lives. Don’t make a diagnosis too late, it could save your life.

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