Dermapixel: unbearable itching

Mrs Pepetua was itchy all over her body due to chronic hand eczema. It’s been itching for four months. Yes, it started on the hands first, but after a few weeks his whole body started to itch. and start from scratch. Not knowing what else to do, her daughter took her to the doctor several times, who prescribed cortisone cream and antihistamines, which only barely eased her itching. At one point, she even took her to the health center emergency room where they gave her an intramuscular injection and told her the symptoms would go away, but after a few days, those intense itches came back and kept her from sleeping or resting . .

Perpetua is 84 years old. Her health is quite fragile. She suffers from osteoarthritis and cannot walk normally. She also suffers from diabetes, although her condition is well controlled by taking some drugs for many years. Since becoming a widow 5 years ago, she lives with and is cared for by a daughter (single). Luckily, she goes to daycare every day so she’s not home alone every morning. I just hope the itch doesn’t live up to its name and it has an expiry date because you can’t live like that. His daughter looked at us imploringly, with the same hope. We looked at those hands (although there are no pictures), and the whole body was full of scratching pain. Perpetua ran an analysis a few weeks ago, but nothing relevant. Fortunately, we’ve seen the skin. Do you think a diagnosis is enough? Or do we need tests? On Wednesday we will bid farewell to August with an answer to this case.

We wrap up today with this impressive underwater video of some of the camouflage techniques used by small sea animals.

90 Degrees North Vicente Leal’s Secret Gulf camo on Vimeo.

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