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When summer is over…you have to get back to work. Say goodbye to umbrellas, sunscreen, and bathing suits, and the boring paperwork is back, more or less irritating to colleagues and bosses alike. Getting back to your daily routine after weeks or even a month of inactivity isn’t easy.

It can demoralize you or affect your good mood.You may even feel a little depressed or suffer from so-called pain post vacation syndrome, accompanied by irritability, apathy and insomnia. But there is a way to avoid it, or at least deal with it in the best possible way.

The longer you’re away, the harder it is to come back, as you have to rebuild yourself after the carelessness of the holidays. To avoid falling into the post-summer blues, here are some tips and tricks.


To this end, we provide you with these ten Tips for a successful return to work after the holidays. They are easy to follow and give better results than you can imagine.Don’t hesitate to put them into practice

1. Choose Gradual recovery. To avoid a sudden return to the working world, it is advisable to plan for a transition period of several days. “It’s important to take two or three days to get your stuff in order, return to your emails, sort out your priorities…it can lead to a much calmer day when you actually recover”experts say.

To be on the safe side, you also cannot announce your actual return date to all your colleagues and potential clients. This frees you up to deal with emergencies on your return, rather than being interrupted by a series of untimely calls.

2. Tell them about your adventures. Talking about your vacation can be very positive and allow you to prolong the sense of well-being you experienced over the summer. “Of course, avoid getting caught up in social comparisons.”

3. Do not question in your life. After a long hiatus, looking to overhaul your routine may seem like the best idea in the world. According to experts, “When we come back from vacation, we set ourselves unattainable goals, which creates stress and negative emotions.”

4. Don’t forget your good wishes. Improving our little habits is not forbidden if we must avoid at all costs the trap of survival problems. “When we get back to work, we have to continue to give whatever happiness we had during the holidays, even in small doses.”

5. meal. If you like light dishes, filled with seasonal vegetables and fruits. Try to maintain the habit (at least) until September. Dream. “You have to keep putting yourself to sleep depending on how tired you are.”

6. physical activities. It would be a shame if you tried a new sport in August and lost it all once you picked it up again! For those who don’t have the guts to hit the gym, you can get off at a subway or bus stop one or two times before your destination and do some extra walking. sociability. Spend time with the people you love, like during summer vacation, and don’t force yourself to see people you don’t like. Simply.

7. Plan your new vacation! Experts even recommend leaving before December, if possible, to avoid undue stress and fatigue.

8. Prolonged happiness To keep the shock from being too brutal, stick to your little holiday habits for now. At lunchtime, get up early and have time to eat well, like on vacation; if you want to drink mojitos in the evening while letting yourself be invaded by the night, stay home!

9. Salt everything Whether it’s for a drink in town or a little broke after a week in Ibiza, go for a walk, explore the corners of your area, go for a walk, get some air, or just be invited home by friends. But try to stay at home as little as possible in your spare time.

10. Look on the bright side
Not everyone has the opportunity to travel abroad in the summer or throughout the year. Being aware of your luck, being aware of the possibility of stepping out of your everyday life, discovering other flavors, other colors, other sounds and ways of working…sometimes it can help you put things in perspective!

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